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7 card


  1. 6 of Disks    2)King/Knight of Disks  3)King/Knight of Swords   4)7 of Cups   5)X Fortune   6)8 of Disks   7) 9 of Cups

There are two clear issues here, though I think one is probably acting upon the other.   You have recently achieved some sort of major improvement in your career prospects.   This is a good step forward, holding a lot of promise for you.   Connected with this important event is an older man, who is impressed by your success and prepared to act in a supportive and generous fashion.

However imminently you will run into some sort of conflict with a man you are emotionally involved with - it’s possible he feels threatened by your recent success in some way.

It would serve you best now to refuse to react to any emotional challenge, and to simply regard this period as the event which tests the genuine sincerity of a relationship.   If you two can work this stage out, then you’ll be free to move toward a deeper commitment.    And if not....well, you’ll be free to move on yourself.  Don’t be tempted to ‘make’ anything happen here....just let things develop on their own for a little while, and concentrate on the career opportunities currently available to you. 

Pay close attention the offers coming your way now.  You seem to be choosing between several different paths.   I’d counsel you to have a bit of patience until all the options are in.   There’s a late challenger on the horizon which will be perfect for your current needs.

Try not to doubt yourself or your abilities.   Be gentle and supportive of yourself.  Trust yourself and believe in your importance.

The final result card is the Lord of Happiness...so you’ll get exactly what you need here.   You don’t need to do anything, except sit and examine what’s going on around you.   If you get impatient tell yourself ‘Everything comes at its perfect moment......’    Enjoy!!


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