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7 card


  1. I  The Magician   2) XIII  Death   3) 5 of Wands   4) 3 of Wands   5) VI The Lovers

6)8 Disks   7) XVII  The Star

You’re recently suffered quite a blow in an emotional relationship which look s as though it is coming, or already has ended, in a shocking and unexpected way.   You seem to be expressing a deep sense of distrust and disappointment.   You also seem shaken and disbelieving.

In the imminent future there will be a certain amount of conflict - both inner and from outside.   You will sometimes feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the events which have taken place, and uncertain of your ability to deal with them.   I think you will also feel bitter and angry.   I think if you can accept that you’re bound to be feeling hurt, and then just engage with your hurt, rather than tying it up with sharp feelings like recriminations, you’ll be kinder and gentler to yourself.

There’s a really strong feeling that things are not what they appear, just now, and that there is a lot of misunderstanding and illusion in the air.   I think this needs to be allowed to clear away (three or four weeks) before you attempt to get to grips with the situation.   It’s important that you make no compromises during this time - you must be true to yourself, and struggle to get into your own centre.   You’ll feel stronger and more clear from there.

In about four weeks events will take place that begin to straighten this situation out.   You need to do nothing except agree to listen.  What you hear will ease your unhappiness.   Again, it’s important you take care of yourself, and make sure your needs are attended to.

The final card of your reading is, in my opinion, the very best card of the deck.   It promises that your dreams can be fulfilled, your hopes realised, and your aspirations satisfied.   It’s a beautiful card, which brings with it a period where you can really make things happen the way you want them.   This is going to be very good fun!


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