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7 card


  1. XX The Aeon    2) 3 Disks   3) Princess Cups   4) 7 Wands   5) XVIII  The Moon  6) 2 Swords   7) III  The Empress.

Recently you have had to take up a completely new perspective on a familiar situation - perhaps a personal one.   You’re more objective than you were before, more able to see things as they are, rather than as you would wish them to be.   As a result, you’ve taken some important decisions.

Right now you’re throwing all your energies into a new project for which you have high hopes.   In some ways, it’s probably true that you’re relieved about the necessity for whole-hearted involvement in this project, because it keeps you too occupied to allow self-doubt about personal matters to creep in.

In the imminent future you must expect to bring together all of your creative talents (some conventional, other less so) and to channel them into your work.   Don’t be afraid to be innovative and to act on your own initiative.  This  undertaking is very well-starred and I think it’s likely to be more successful than you had hoped.

Make no compromises!   Stay true to your own vision, and be prepared to justify that attitude to those who work around you.   Be ready to take risks, and do this with a light heart and a big dollop of confidence. 

Although outer influences seem at first to be set against your project, persevere.   Things are not what they seem here.   You’re on the threshold of a big breakthrough.

Soon you’ll have good reason to bless the decision you took earlier.  You’ll see it as a pivotal moment in your life, and will be glad and contented about its results.   There’s also  peace of mind here, arising from clarity and inner self-trust.

Having the Empress as your final card indicates a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfilment, which radiates out and touches everyone you come into contact with.   This is a card about joy, love and happiness, as well as caring for and nurturing both the inner you and the people around us.   She shows a level of wholeness which gives new energy and contentment.   So expect to feel like a very fortunate and happy woman!


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