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7 card


  1. VI The Lovers   2) VII The Chariot   3) Knight of Disks   4)  X Fortune   5) 3 of Wands   6)  II  The Priestess    7) III The Empress

What a fantastic reading!   You’re in for the time of your life, Ana.   Recently you have made a fresh commitment in a caring relationship.  There’s an implication that before this new commitment there had been strain on the relationship, but you have overcome any obstacles in your path, and are now preparing for a brand new start.

At the moment you’re probably planning for a big change you can see coming up shortly.   Ensure you pay proper attention to all the little details, so that everything runs smoothly.

The man represented by the Knight of Disks will become more and more important to you in the future.   He’s a steady, reliable man, with a quiet manner and a subtle sense of humour.   Whilst he may give the impression of being a bit predictable on the surface, people who know him really well have great respect and admiration for him.   He will shortly become involved in a new business project which, whilst starting somewhat precariously, will be very rewarding in the end.  He must be prepared to curb a more headstrong partner in this venture.  Success comes as a result of foresight, flair and caution!

You are moving into a very happy and fortuitous time.  not only is your emotional situation stable and happy, but some other opportunity will shortly come your way connected to your own working area.   Grasp this with both hands - you’re in a phase which allows miracles in all directions!

With all the chances that come in your direction in the coming months, make absolutely sure that you never go for an easy option, or make any compromises that you feel bad about.   So long as you feel centred, and contented with your decisions, you will reap the benefits and rewards you have struggled for.

Though you feel a bit overwhelmed by good fortune at the moment, make sure that you don’t go analysing things too much.   And don’t worry that you will lose your independence - this is most unlikely.   You will just enhance your overall position.   Let your emotions flow freely, and smoothly.

Finally, you are surrounded by love and tenderness.   You’re a fortunate lady, with a great deal going for you.   Love grows when expressed naturally, and happy people make the world a happier place for everybody. 

Reading by Jan Shepherd.


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