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7 card

Cards:   1)  The Moon  2)  Queen of Wands 3)  The Fool  4)  7 of Wands  5)  7 of Cups 6)  9 of Pentacles  7)  The Empress
I think you have recently discovered some sort of deceit taking place around you - this appears to be connected to the woman indicated by the Queen of Wands.   This woman is a strong-minded, independent type who usually speaks her mind frankly and without too much reserve.   However now you seem to feel very confused by the discoveries you have just made.   This undermines your developing trust in this woman, making you feel doubtful and confused.

However, the Moon can indicate all kinds of deception - including the sort that means things are not what they seem - and judging by the rest of your reading, any fears you may have are not going to be realised.   Though you do seem to have discovered something very unsettling, it is not as it appears now.   And it’s not as bad as you think it is.

Very soon you will be asked to take a risk.   This will be quite demanding, and you might be tempted to shy away from it - please don’t.   I can honestly assure you that you will be very glad to have taken a chance, and listened to the voice of your heart, and not to your common sense!  

Soon you will feel as though, despite the fact that you’ve had some nasty experiences recently, it was worth sticking to your guns, making no compromises and not listening to gossip and idle chatter.  

Somewhere close to you is a person who calls themselves a friend, but who is running a personal agenda that will do you no good at all - don’t tolerate this kind of interference.     This will become much ore apparent in the next few weeks, and you will be able to pinpoint the individual accurately.

Don’t be afraid to give - what goes around comes around.   And be ready to receive good fortune and happiness.  The 9 of Disks is Lord of Gain - this applies not only to financial matters, but also to your domestic day to day security.   With the Empress up in the final position, you’ll find love in the air very soon now - just be ready to take that risk when it comes your way.

As you know, you included both named cards (from which I did the above reading) and 7 numbers.   As a matter of interest I took a look at the numbers you chose as well - they give a picture fairly similar to the one above, but somewhat expanded.    I thought you may want to see how they came up:

Cards:  1)  Ace of Disks  2) O The Fool   3) XI Lust   4) XVI  The Tower   5) VIII  Adjustment (Justice) 6) XIX The Sun  7) VI The Lovers

Again we see uncertainty about something you have recently discovered (with the Tower indicating shock and sudden disruption) which leads to doubt.   There are all the same indications that events will soon re-shape themselves and allow you a more happy and positive period.   There’s also a mention in this reading of some kind of change in your financial and work environment, for the better.   It looks as though you’re going to be fulfilled in more than one area of your life.   Good luck!

Reading by Jan


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