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7 card

Cards:   1) XI Lust   2) 3 of Disks   3)  2 of Cups  4) 7 of Cups    5) VI The Lovers  6) XXI The Universe  7) 4 of Swords

Recently you have gone through a transformational period where you have been able to shed old limiting ideas, freeing you to engage more deeply with life and the people you hold dear.   This should have released a lot of pent up energy for you to direct toward the things you need.   This looks to be connected with a loving relationship.

However right now there are more practical matters demanding your attention.   There’s some work here you need to finish off - something which requires your whole and undivided attention.   Apply yourself to this now, and get it finished up satisfactorily.   You’ll find it easier to get through than you had imagined.

Once you get this piece of work out of the way, you’ll be able to engage completely with this relationship which has assumed so much importance to you.   And I think you’ll get a great deal out of that.   It looks like a rewarding and contented experience.

Beware getting so caught up with these fresh feelings that you let important issues slip out of control.   You’ll feel lots more relaxed once you’ve tied up those loose ends.

Soon you’ll be asked to make a greater commitment within this relationship.   You seem to have some doubts and uncertainties about this step.   But you’re on the threshold of an entirely new stage in your life.   Some things with which you are familiar are now coming to a natural conclusion, leaving you free to shape the next stage.

There’s one area of your life that you’re a little worried about - you seem to feel that there could be conflict on the horizon.  However the 4 of Swords advises that obstacles can be removed, old hostilities resolved, and the path laid clear before you.   Good luck!


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