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7 card

Cards:    1)4 of Cups  2) 4 of Wands  3)Page of Swords  4)10 of Disks 5) XVII The Star  6)  X The Hermit  7) Knight of Disks

Recently there seem to have been some big changes in your personal life - this feels as though you have acquired some additional responsibilities and commitments.    Whilst, in one sense, you seem quite satisfied about this, these events have introduced some new and worrying concerns, mostly centred around the material area of your life.

You have just achieved a satisfactory completion of one phase of training or development, but you now need to be able to forge forward faster than you had expected to.   This causes conflict, particularly in this next few days where you will receive news which frustrates you, and makes you feel a bit negative.

There will be some kind of opposition in about a week to ten days, probably coming from a young man you know.   Since there is a distinct sense of urgency about your attitudes just now, you will be tempted to see things in a more serious light than they really deserve.

When you experience this first disappointment here, try to roll with it, and attempt not to take its influence too personally.   You have, in fact, set in motion a series of events already, which will come to fruition at about the four week mark, and which will fulfil your current needs very satisfactorily.  

Right now you’re in one of those periods that is hard to make progress in.   You feel sometimes that every step you take is thwarted.   However, with the Star up in position 5, we are told that you’re waiting for a big change of influence to come your way.  In truth, until that shift comes, you probably need to take it a little easier, and try just to trust that you’ve already done what you needed to - you’re just waiting to have that confirmed.

Effects indicated by the Star are often astrologically based - Uranus goes direct in Aquarius on the 18th of this month, after a period of retrograde motion since about May.   It could be you’re waiting for that.   On the 20th the Moon goes New in Libra - that should also be a motivating influence. 

You need to be considering, during this waiting period, changes in your home environment.  Things here need shifting and altering.   Very shortly you’ll find yourself with the means to follow through on these plans.

In the meantime, work on trusting yourself, and not being misled by the influence or advice of other people.   You know precisely what you want to do, and you’re making good progress on creating those things.

Finally expect to hear from a man who has something good to offer you in the financial area - possibly a job opportunity or a new project, again at the four week mark.   In the meantime, do your best not to worry, and make those plans.   Things will be fine here.


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