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7 card

Actual cards chosen: 1) 9 of Cups  2) The Empress  3) The Hermit  4) Page of Pentacles  5) The Chariot  6) Queen of Wands 7) 2 of Pentacles

Cards from numbers chosen:   1)V The Hierophant  2) VII The Chariot   3)  XVI  The Tower   4) II  The Priestess   5) XI  Lust   6)  VIII  Adjustment (Justice)  7) Knight Disks

I included both sets of cards because the second set (chosen from numbers) extends on the first set.

That first reading indicates that until recently you were feeling pretty happy and emotionally fulfilled, and that You need to feel this way, as an individual, if you are to be totally contented in your emotional life.   The Empress indicates you to be at your happiest when you have somebody to love and care for.   However the Hermit insists quite firmly that you need to back away from an emotional situation which will appear in the future, and to put your own wellbeing first, rather than favouring somebody else.   

Strongly on your mind at the moment is a person who shows as Page of Pentacles - in this case I think the Page is indicating somebody who has deep passions, but whose approach to these is immature and perhaps a touch shallow.   I don’t feel that this kind of attitude is really worthy of the deep and committed type of love that you are prepared to offer.   You may end up giving far too much, and not getting enough back at all.

For now, it seems your best course of action is to approach your life as a fresh page - looking for new experience and new friends.   You are a strong, and independent person, who is not afraid of relying on her own judgement and making her own decisions.   In many ways, it seems to me that you could do with a change.

The second set of cards show (as a development from the first)  recently being placed in a position where you had to examine what you already know, and to develop a fresh viewpoint based in part on past experience, and in part on your own inner self trust.   Again the Chariot signals the need for new experiences and new friends in your life.

However an event will occur in the next few months which shakes you up quite a bit and threatens to destabilise you.   This is something that will demand that you make an important decision - ensure you have the time to think things through properly (contrast this against the Hermit, telling you to back off and do what’s good for you, not somebody else).   The Priestess confirms again your ability to stand alone, and to rely upon yourself.  This card also tells you to rely on your own intuition.   Lust promises you numerous happy opportunities coming your way, which bring with them a new enjoyment of life.   Adjustment tells you not to be afraid of taking a decision solely for your own good, and not influenced by anyone else’s needs.   And finally there he is again - Knight of Disks this time - so perhaps learning from you standing firm that he can’t expect you to sit around for ever!  

So in answer to the direct questions you asked on these readings - I think he will come looking for you.   And I think there is a pretty good chance of reconciliation.    But the cards are advising you quite strongly that choosing for him may not be in your best interests.   The very best thing you can do for yourself is to get on with your life, make it different, and more fulfilling.   Then when he does come back looking for you, you have a sound basis on which to make your choices - you have alternatives available to you.   Incidentally, I don’t feel that his return is imminent - I think it is some time into the future.  So these readings are saying - look, he will come back.   But it is not good for you to sit and wait for him.   And it is probably not good for him to think that IS what you did.   (The shift from immature to established man)   He maybe needs to recognise that you can make a happy life without him.   And then when the time comes to make your choices, you will have viable alternatives to choose from.   Good luck.   And be proud of yourself.   


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