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7 card

Cards:  1) 9 of Cups  2) 4 of Pentacles   3) II The High Priestess  4) 2 of Cups  5) 8 of Pentacles  6) 2 of Swords   7) XXI The World  

There has recently been a lot of positive happy energy around you, bringing in a deep sense of blessedness and contentment.   Bearing in mind the appearance of the High Priestess later in this reading I think much of this must have had a powerful spiritual effect.

It’s important now though to pay attention to material matters.   There are certain practical things which are demanding your attention - dealing with these issues will make you feel a lot more secure and confident about your overall everyday security.   Deal with these things now - don’t put them off.

Shortly you move into a much more spiritual phase.   You’ll come under the influence of a teacher - probably female.   Guard your independence properly in this situation.   Your intuition is going to expand by leaps and bounds.   Listen to yourself - you’re on a roll here!

Make yourself ready for a big leap forward both in your emotional relationships (romantic and loving friendships) and in your growth as an inner being.   This is an important and very constructive time.   It’ll be demanding but it will also be very fulfilling and rewarding.

Outside events require that you keep your eye on business here, and try to achieve a balance between your spiritual and material life.   Make sure you keep your finger on the mundane pulse of things, as well as enjoying everything else.

Difficult decisions you made recently will begin to pay off and you will be very contented with the result.   When these things fall into place, you will have reached the completion of an important stage in your journey.   Be proud of what you have achieved so far, and let the next stage open out in front of you naturally.   You’ve got a very good time  ahead of you.  Enjoy!!


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