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7 card

Cards: 1) 10 of Pentacles  2) King of Swords  3) The World (Reversed)   4) 9 of Wands   5) 4 of Swords  6) 2 of Cups  7) The Hierophant

From numbers:    1)VIII  Adjustment   2) XI  Lust  3) XIV  Art    4)Prince of Disks    5) 9 of Disks  6) 6 of Disks  7) Ace of Disks 

These two separate draws are only partially interlinked, Viviana.   On the first draw, from your own cards, there’s an indication of recent movement in the home environment - something changing quite a lot.   This seems to be connected with a man (King of Swords) who is very influential in your life.  

Right now, and into the foreseeable future it seems to you now that certain familiar situations are coming to an end, and whilst you seem comfortable with this, these changes are causing a certain amount of turbulence.   I have to say, though, that I don’t think things will come out quite the way you expect them to at the moment.  In fact, I think the end result will be much happier and more satisfying than you are currently imagining (so that’s good news!)

Throughout this period you’re falling back on your own reserves of strength (which are considerable) but I think you’re probably also feeling pretty weary as a result of recent experiences.  

Soon there will be an approach from somebody outside, with whom you have had some sort of conflict or difficulty.  That person will suggest calling a truce between you, and though I think it will benefit you to go ahead with this (cautiously) I would urge you not to take things too fast.   Don’t let your urge for tranquillity rush you into anything here.  

Learn from your earlier experiences and take everything step by step.   You know you can trust and rely on yourself.   You don’t need anyone.   So give yourself time to get a clear picture of what this truce will mean for you personally.   You’ll know how to handle it in the end.

However - that doesn’t answer the question you mailed me with, does it?

The cards from your chosen numbers might clarify things a little more there.   The first three cards say much the same things about recent events as id those in the chosen cards - things have changed, around you recently.   You’ve been relying heavily on yourself, and are now gradually coming back to a point of balance.   Everything is calming down and feeling more stable.

However, that stability is being broken into by a young man typified as the Prince of Disks - probably your troublemaker.    Looking at the back end of this second set of cards,  it looks as though the problem is fairly petty (even though the events you have experienced aren’t ;-)     He seems to think you have in some way interfered with his money, earning capacity or material situation.  

I don’t get the impression that he is closely linked to you at all.   From your perspective he should be little more than a passing acquaintance with whom you have dealt perfectly ordinarily.  However he seems to be seeing your action from the perspective of some other larger difficulty he has which you know nothing of.

This second reading indicates, by the way, that you can expect your material circumstances to improve markedly very soon.   You look to have been waiting for cash for a while - that will be through within the month.

Obviously attempting to deal with this sort of malice from an outsider can be difficult.   However - if you’re so inclined - you can try doing this:

On a rising moon (waxing) take a clean sheet of white paper.   With a black pen or pencil, draw the haft, and part of the blade of a sword (about half of it).    Then draw in earth and grass, so that the blade of the sword is buried in the earth.    Fold the paper up and place it in the Southern area of your home - behind a picture for instance.  Leave it there for three months.   You can do the same with the car.   When you want to get rid of them, burning is preferable, but if not, send the papers out with the rubbish - do not unfold them as you get rid of them.

This has the effect of deflecting negative attitudes and malice - effectively burying your assailant’s sword in the ground and blunting its edge.     It does no harm to the person in question.   They just lose interest and go away.

Doesn’t matter if you are no artist - it’ll still work.  

Reading by Jan


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