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7 card

Cards:  1)7 Wands    2)5 Wands   3)XVII The Star  4)XIV Art 5)II The Priestess  6)VI The Lovers 7)VIII Adjustment (Justice)

By the looks of this reading you’re moving into a very powerful period, where you need to take advantage of any opportunities coming your way.   Just recently you seem to have finally found a solution to a pressing problem, which had previously caused you a lot of anxiety.   As a result of resolving this difficulty, you began to feel more confident about things.

However right now, some obstacle or conflict has arisen, which is connected to the old problem.   You’re probably feeling a bit disappointed, just at the minute.   There’s definitely at least one other person involved here, if not more.  

Very soon, though, you’ll find trends around you changing dramatically.  Things which had caused you frustration and worry, begin to clear out of the way.   This is like a new impulse somehow - a different energy which shows everything in a different light.  The Star is one of the best cards in the deck.  It indicates a period (often astrologically important to you) where any obstruction tot he free flow of energy is removed.  

Opportunities of all sorts abound.   You will find it much easier to resolve conflict, reconcile differences, and to take up a new direction in your life.   Because of the number of Major Arcana cards here, this is obviously a big and profound step forward, and will probably affect most areas of your life.   However, with the Priestess and the Lovers up, I think this is going to be mostly a spiritual progression for you, which will eventually drift out touching all other aspects of your life.

So - what to do?   First of all, don’t place too much importance on that current conflict.  It will disappear like smoke in the wind as soon as the Star takes effect - that will be in about a couple of weeks.   Till then try to avoid engaging with this matter.  

Art is about drawing all aspects of life into balance - material, spiritual, emotional and intellectual.   When you achieve this process you find life unfolding in perfect equilibrium.  So spend this next couple of weeks paying attention to the details of your life.   Deal with things methodically and calmly.   Then you’ll be ready when the Star’s influence comes into play.

I think the Priestess represents two separate forces - one is that of a teacher (female) with whom you are going to come into contact.   She’ll make herself more apparent in three or four weeks (though I think she’s probably already there, but you haven’t quite discovered her yet).   The other is the high influence of the Goddess.    It is as though you take a major step forward in your understanding here, probably improving and deepening your awareness.  Your intuition will also heighten.

Currently it seems you feel you have to make an important choice, and are undecided about which way to go.   Again I would suggest you wait for this new impulse before making any decisions.   Once these other things happen, your choice will almost make itself.

Finally, with Adjustment on the 7th card position, there’s great reassurance that, by maintaining your own centre position inside, you will find life rearranging itself in a good state of balance.   Certain old issues will resolve themselves without your intervention, and you will find yourself ready to make a fresh start, which is promising, challenging and very enjoyable.  

Reading by Jan


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