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7 card

Cards:  1) XX Judgement 2) Page of Cups 3) 10 of Wands 4) XIII Death 5) III The Empress 6) Knight of Swords 7)XXI  World

Cards by number:   1)IV The Emperor   2) VI The Lovers  3) VII The Chariot   4) XVI The Tower   5) 3 of Wands  6) 6 Wands   7) 6 Swords

I’ve used both sets of cards you gave here, Laura, because they reveal something quite interesting.   Where you selected the cards themselves, the reading is fairly negative in terms of outcome.  Where you chose numbers, you’re clearly addressing the same issue but the outcome is much more positive and encouraging.  I think this is a classic case of the difference between our fears and apprehensions reflecting into the cards, versus the possible hopeful outcome.

So on the first set of cards, where you selected them yourself, we see that recently a relationship has come to a cross-roads.   You feel at a loss to know what to do with the man on the other side of this.  He’s turbulent and unsettled, maybe difficult to talk to.    You’re also expressing a lot of concern about a youngster in the middle of this situation.   You are also fearful and doubtful about the eventual outcome here.  Guilt seems to play a big part in this.

You’re expressing a sense of resignation and hopelessness, feeling restricted and unsure.  Your energy is blocked by confusion.   You fear change.   You don’t know what that would mean and you don’t like the thought of its possible effects.    You’re probably resisting that change as a result.  

However you are tending to forget your own inner strength.   You are by no means a helpless woman.   You have a huge capacity for love, tenderness and understanding.   It’s time to go back into your own centre, and pay attention to what’s there, instead of placing too much importance on outer things.   In this first reading it is obvious that a phase is coming to an end in your life,  but the second set of cards indicates that the change which will take place is not how you now envisage it.

The man you are worried about has been a strong man, defined by his own actions and driven by his own needs.   Something has recently happened to undermine him.  This has led to a series of unpredictable actions.   I don’t think this undermining influence has anything to do with his home environment - I think it comes from the outside.

The relationship seems to be providing both his ‘whipping boy’ and his only  stable point of reference.   This is bound to make you feel very confused.    You must be receiving a lot of mixed messages right now.    However, very shortly (within a matter of two or three weeks) there will be an unexpected breakthrough which makes sense of the confusion and conflict around you at the moment.  This comes in like a bolt out of the blue, and whilst it causes a certain amount of disruption, the end result will be positive and happy for all concerned.

For now, try to go inside and trust yourself.   Things are not what they appear at the minute.   Just try to ride out this next few weeks, and you’ll see the end resolution of this sad period.    Try to trust your own strength, and to keep your thoughts as positive as you can.    The 6 of Wands is the Lord of Victory, and brings in the things that you wish for, but believe you cannot have.   And the 6 of Swords is Lord of Science, who takes us out of stormy waters and into safe harbour.  This is going to be OK.   Things will change.   But in the end you will be able to see that they are changing for the better.   And you will remember to appreciate your own strength more.  Take care.

Reading by Jan


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