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7 card

Cards:  1) IV The Emperor    2) Queen of Cups   3) III The Empress   4) Prince of Disks  5) VI The Lovers   6) Knight of Disks     7) 8 of Disks

Hmm, this is a strange combination of cards - you are obviously currently deeply troubled about the eventual outcome of a situation which has developed within an important emotional relationship in your life - though you don’t really indicate what your cause for concern is.

It looks as though some outside influence has disrupted a previously harmonious and well-balanced partnership, causing stress and fear to rise up.   You give the impression that you feel you should act, but you don’t know what to do for the best.   You also seem to feel that you cannot have any direct influence on what’s happening here - as though you’re waiting for somebody else to come to a decision.   At the same time there’s an underlying tension which seems to keep pricking at you, making you feel you should do something positive.

However the combination of the Prince, the 8 and the Lovers implies that you need to try to trust what you have already created, believing it to be strong and indestructible.   If you can manage to build up your confidence in that, then I think things will ease out naturally, and problems will disappear.  

There’s a danger of you feeling pushed into giving more than you genuinely want to - as though that will make things better.    However I do feel this would be a mistake, not only in the short-term, but affecting the way that you rebuild this relationship in the long term as well.

There’s a potential to strengthen and grow from this current difficulty - don’t throw that away.   Trust that you have done enough.   Trust that your efforts have not gone unnoticed.   And don’t go giving away more than you can afford.   You’re moving toward an important transitional phase which should lead you into greater awareness and understanding.   Protect this movement within you, and don’t go giving anybody more than they deserve.   

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