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7 card

Cards:   1)  VI The Lovers   2) 10 of Wands   3) XX The Aeon    4) XII  The Hanged Man  5) 8 of Cups  6) 7 of Disks  7) X Fortune

Oh, boy, life isn’t treating you too well at the moment is it?   I’m sorry for that, but maybe this will help a bit.   In the past there was a relationship for which you had high hopes and into which you invested a lot of energy.

This has obviously begun to turn sour on you, and you now feel isolated, trapped and unhappy - not to mention frustrated and confused.   The 10 of wands blocks energy, causing us to feel impotent and fearful, yet denying us the opportunity to actually DO anything about the situation we find ourselves in.

In the imminent future (about two weeks forward) you will reach a point where you can make some measured decisions on your overall situation.   You’ll find it easier to go for the high ground, and get an overview on what’s happening to you.   At that stage you’ll find things become much more clear, and your viewpoint will be more objective.   I would therefor suggest you wait out this period without trying to force decisions before their time.

Use the intervening couple of weeks to look inside at the things you feel deep down.   It’s interesting that I would be doing this reading on a day ruled by The hanged Man - who as you can see governs this period of inactivity.   Take a look at the ‘Working with...’ details on this card, cos I think you may find they are very applicable.

You’d probably also get something out of reading the  ‘Working with...’ section on the 8 of Cups as well.  This card indicates the feeling of being trapped and inert, giving much more than you get, and feeling drained as a result.   Soon you will find it easier to assess realistically where you give energy out, without getting it back.   And it’s this that you need to tackle (probably by making your decision.)  

You seem worried about financial security - fearful of your abilities in this direction.   However very soon indeed you will receive a surprising opportunity which resolves this difficulty for you and helps you to make your life happier, more positive and rewarding.  

Try to take a little joy in every day - it’ll make the time go by a bit easier.   And trust that very soon things will begin to change for the better, and you will be happier and more secure than you can imagine now.

Reading by Jan


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