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7 card

Cards:   1)  XIII  Death   2) Ace of Wands  3) Knight of Swords   4) 10 of Wands  5) X Fortune   6) IX The Hermit   7) VII  The Chariot

Oh, Julie I think you’re been through a time in your life where many things have changed - sometimes very unexpectedly.   It seems as though you have passed through much disruption and uncertainty in the past few months.

However you now seem to be making a brand new start - there’s a lot of energy and dynamism in the current period.   You’ve started new projects, and are really attempting to reach out to life and make yours a happy and fulfilling one.

In the imminent future (next two or three weeks) you’ll come back into contact with a man you have known before.   He is a subtle and mysterious man, having a certain coldness about him, under an exterior charm.   This is a highly intelligent, and even sometimes, manipulative man, and he has a very strong impact on you.
You seem, though, to find it difficult to allow your feelings to show when this man is around.   It is as though you feel trapped or repressed in some way.    You seem quite closed down and introverted as a response.

However, things will very shortly change beneficially for you.  An external source provides you with a real shift of fortune.     This comes as a bit of a surprise, but is actually the result of your own committed efforts over the past few months.   This shift will affect several areas of your life, financial, workwise and touching your deeper emotions.   When it comes in, it will bring peace of mind, greater freedom and a sense of confident self-reliance.    Now you will feel that all your hard work has been worthwhile, and you will relax and begin to feel very optimistic about your future.

Though in some ways you seem quite isolated at the moment, I believe that you have almost finished  the inner journey which teaches you to understand who you really are, and what you are really capable of.   And I think you’ll find that your current isolation will shortly give way to something more gregarious.

The Chariot in the final result position clearly indicates a victory.   One for which you have worked long and hard, often doubted your ability to achieve, and which is deserved as a result of your own efforts.   This is a stage in an important exploration, both of career prospects, and of yourself.   There’s much more to do, but you’ll find that, given three months, you will have an altered view of yourself, which will allow you to confidently follow through on your plans and build a happy and contented life for yourself.

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