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7 card

Cards:     1)The Hermit  2)The Tower  3)4 of Wands  4) 7 of Cups  5)6 of Swords 6)Queen of Swords  7)Knight of Disks

Quick answer here is good steady progress on the career front, and you’ll have to wait a little bit for the second baby…but the possibility presents itself much more firmly in about six months…so not too long to wait.

Right this past period looks as though it has been a real journey of self discovery.    There was a time where you seemed to withdraw from the outer world, though not in a bad way.  You feel for a time here as though you are inside a little bubble looking out happily at the world but not really engaging particularly with it.  I’m tempted to wonder if this might not have been time off to have your first child.   

That withdrawal led to a process of self-discovery which continues today.  I think you have found out some quite delightful things about yourself  over the last few months – things which allow you to see yourself in a much more clear and positive light.

However it seems to me that a return to reality has come as something of a shock.  You find situation that used to seem tolerable and alright now jar against you, shaking your equilibrium and tending to cause unnecessary stress.   I should guess this is your working environment.   I get the feeling that the sooner this changes the better.   You have some unused skills.  It’s about time you put yourself in a position where you can really get to work instead of treading water.

So…off you go…new job time!   You will, of course feel somewhat intimidated…rather the devil you know, etc.   But don’t delay.   The current environment will not improve, neither will you get used to it.  It will continue to grate on your nerves.   Time for something new here.

Don’t be tempted to make any easy compromises.  You have changed a great deal over the last year or so.  It’s tie for you to seek out a more comfortable ‘fit’ for the new you.   Believe me, when you set your mind to this you will not be short of options – rather I suspect it will go the other way…so many options you find it difficult to make up your mind which is the best.

Ahead you will find much more peaceful tranquil times.   Once you are able to remove the abrasive influence brought in by your work environment I think you will be a very relaxed and contented person, fulfilled both at work and at home.

A man very close to  you will also find his career taking an unexpected turn for the better.  He will be offered a post that he probably would not have gone after himself – thinking himself not well-enough qualified.to compete.   While this will be a very great challenge I feel convinced that he is equal to the challenge and well stimulated by the poition.  There willalso be a substantial salary increase coming in there…you’ll see the effects of that at around the six-month mark – hence the possibilities of affording another child after that period of time has elapsed.

Hope that helps.

Loadsa love

Reading by jan@angelpaths.com


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