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7 card

Cards:  (1) Queen of Wands  (2) Queen of Cups   (3) Knight of Swords   (4) The Devil   (5) 2 of Cups   (6) The Lovers  (7) 6 of Pentacles

Your desire for a good partnership shows quite clearly here Jeanne…as does your lasting sadness about a relationship which has failed.    This effect is profound enough that the man involved in that relationship still affects you a great deal and will continue to do so for a little while.   I get the feeling that you need to heal from what has gone before in order to feel safe to open yourself to love again.    In fact, this reading does not give us a definite answer about where, where or who….it concentrates much more on you, your needs, your desires, and your attitudes.

You’ve had to be exceptionally strong over the last few years, shouldering responsibilities and duties you had not expected.  I think you have learned a lot about yourself in the process.   You have gone from being a woman with relatively low self esteem as a result of experiences, to one who now has a clear sense of her own worth and deservedness, especially in practical matters.

However there is a deepening need now for a relationship which satisfies the warm loving woman that you are at heart.    Whilst you know very well that you CAN function perfectly adequately as a single person, you really feel that you will also be at your best when loved and loving.    The need to find that special person upon whom you can lavish your love is becoming progressively more urgent.   This need is a very positive thing….you yearn to have somebody to love.

Yet past experiences of love – some quite ugly and unkind, still darken your feelings in this area.   You remember the apparent deliberate infliction of pain and humiliation only too clearly, and you are afraid of this.    This is an almost primal sensation – not one that you consciously think about particularly, but one which will lead you to retreat swiftly in certain situations.   It’s time to see the man here as he was….a rather immature, spiteful person with many problems of his own which, rather than resolving, he chose to take out on you.   He transferred his inner sense of ineffectuality onto you, and then sat pretty whilst you suffered.

Make a really conscious effort to examination this now.   Pull it out into the warm light of day and let all its shadows disappear.    There’s nothing logical about your feelings here, so try to simply accept them for what they are – an emotional response to a demanding situation.    Then let them drifty away into your past where they belong.

You will shortly come across a man who reminds you of all that was best in your original partner.    Which of course will set off a multitude of warnings bells for you.   He’s witty, intelligent, fascinating, and deep.    I have to say here that I do not believe this man is THE one for you…but I do believe that a liaison with him will allow you to shed many of your doubts about love in general.    Don’t try to fool yourself into being deeply involved, because I don’t think this is the big one.   But it will be enjoyable so long as you keep it on a light note and with no commitment at all.

In about four months you will run into somebody you knew a long time ago.   Whilst I think you two got on well back then I do not believe there was a romantic involvement.   This man is easy going and gentle, with a good sense of humour.   You have not seen him for a number of years.   Whilst the attraction remains in this reading you do not tell me whether you and he manage to get anything together….but you do tell me that meeting him again is good for you.
One thing I very seriously want to warn you about Jeanne is this – don’t go falling in love for the sake of love.   Wait for a man who lights you up from the inside out, and fills your mind with thoughts of him.   Wait till you find the one who makes you feel like a goddess, and don’t settle for any less.   The reason I say this is because you may be a bit vulnerable to this over this next few months.  You’re ready for a loving relationship…don’t be fooled into thinking that any relationship is going to satisfy you…..only a special one will at this juncture.

Also, expect success in a work venture around the four month mark….this is an important project for you and goes very well indeed.

Loadsa love

Reading by jan@angelpaths.com


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