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7 card

Cards:   1)seven of cups   2)strength  3)the world   4)page of pentacles 5)judgement
6)queen of wands   7)knight of swords   (XVII The Star fell from the deck)

You asked “should I stay or should I go” in relation to your career – the quick answer is “GO”.

You’ve had a very fortunate phase recently where new opportunities have opened out in front of you.    Yet the things which have happened seem to have unsettled you somehow – you seem doubtful about trying something new – a bit tempted to stay with what is familiar (if somewhat unchallenging).   

There also seem to be some complications around one particular working relationship which has changed recently adding to your confusion.   You seem unsettled and uncomfortable here now, despite your best efforts to the contrary.  

I really do think, though, when you give yourself the room to look at the decisions ahead of you objectively and free of confusion, you know precisely what you want to do here.   Your worries mostly centre on the effects your actions will have on others, rather than fulfilling your own needs and desires.

Let yourself be willing to put yourself first here.   You know very well that whatever you choose, you aren’t going to be able to please everybody.   Best you please yourself first and foremost – after all, you’re the one you have to spend most time with ;-)

Be ready now to seize life with both hands.    The challenges before you now can make important contributions to your future progress and position.   Steps taken now will affect the direction your career goes for years to come.   Be ready to draw an established phase to an end here, and to move forward into pastures new.

This is not only a good move in terms of your future.   It is also a good move in relation to your finances.    You’ll find yourself being able to stabilise certain areas of your material life that have been giving you some cause for concern.   It looks as though you have acquired some unavoidable debts in the last few years – they were necessary but you sometimes find yourself worrying unduly about them.  This new opportunity will put you in a position to ease any pressure you are currently experiencing in this area.

There’s a hint that there is a personal ‘pull’ affecting some of your reasoning about the future here.   However I really think you have no cause for concern at all in this department.   Things will work out very satisfactorily.

This is an important point of pivot in your life Gabs.    With Judgement and the World up in the same reading, you can see the cards practically compelling you to move on into your future.   Both of these cards are about making choices which leave certain things behind in order to make room for new growth and development.

I do think once you make your decision public, you will face a certain amount of opposition from the man represented by the Knight of Swords.    There’s nothing you can do about this except stand your ground and follow through on you decision.    The fact that the Star decided to leap out of the deck at this point does underline the point that it’s time to move on.    This card oftencomes up to mark momentous periods in life – the kind where, when you look back, you think “That was the turning point right there”.   Whilst this man will resist change, these changes are essential for you, and you cannot really choose to anything other than follow your own path and leave him to his own devices.

You are a strong and independent woman who can make a triumph of her life.   Rely on your own self-reliance and sense of self worth.   These things will carry you forward and help you in achieving your goals.

Loadsa love

Reading by jan@angelpaths.com


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