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7 card

Cards:    1)The Fool   2)The Chariot   3)Death  4)The Aeon  5)10 Wands  6)7 Cups  7)Knight Disks

Lots of change in the air for you Eva….some of this has already begun.  You started something new and very important quite recently.   This is, so far, going very well, but it is changing your attitudes about certain familiar aspects of your life.   The way you approach things is changing a lot now, and some things, which you used to accept without question and becoming much more influential…and in some cases irritating.

There’s a good deal of external success coming your way over the next two or three months.   Remember to pay attention to details.   Planning is extremely important during this period.    You’re getting ready to take a leap into unknown territory, and it is essential that everything is smooth and as even as possible.

The most important period of change will take place during the early summer.  This feels like a change of location, and possibly also a change of work.   It is something you have been aiming at for some time.

You have some important decisions to make between now and then.    The changes will mean that certain parts of the life you know now will be left behind.   This is mostly desirable…but there are some matters which you need to carry forward with you.

There are other matters you personally would wish to leave behind as a natural part of the progress you are making now, but in this you face opposition from some of the people involved – specifically a man shown as the Knight of Disks.   Whilst I think this man is important to you, I  don’t sense any romantic involvement here.   

There is a possibility that you will find yourself feeling guilt or uncomfortable because your choices cause discomfort to others, but I really do feel it’s important that you stand firm and follow through.   This next year or so will be very important for you in terms of the direction your life goes.  It is paramount that you place your own needs first.

You clearly indicate that you regard yourself as sometimes quite weak when it comes to standing up for yourself – that 7 of Cups shows you feel you sometimes let yourself down.    But I really would not be too hard on yourself.   You have things you need to do now, and this is the time to do them.

If you draw three cards on that Knight of Disks it will probably clarify for us how eventually he will accept your choices….

3 cards up here: The Lovers/The Star/9 of Disks    I don’t think you have a problem here you know.   The initial résistance you experience from him soon dissolves and you then have his whole-hearted support.    The Star is a wonderful card to come up – indicating a period where things just plain go right for you.   These periods also often show as good times astrologically.   So long as you follow through with a good heart and positive attitude you cannot fail to make a success of your undertaking.

The 9 of Disks indicates a steady growth in income over a period of time…so expect funds to rise steadily, month on month.    Your current focus should be primarily on the material and physical areas of your life.   Romantic issues should be kept at a relatively light level wherever possible.   There is no indication that anything major will change in this area for around six months – though I have to say I can sense more changes between 6 and 9 months from now, and these are of an emotional and personal nature…I think you have to wait till then for any major movement in this area.

Loadsa love

Reading by jan@angelpaths.com


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