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7 card

Cards:   1)The Priestess  2)The Lovers  3)Hanged Man   4)6 of Wands  5)Knight Wands   6)Princess Cups   7)6 Disks

The past reveals you to be an independent and resilient woman, used to making your own decisions and choosing your own path.  To an extent this appears, till now, to have been a solitary path.   Largely that seems to have suited you.   You like your own company.   You seem to have a pretty strong social network.   And you place a lot of importance on your work.   

However, as always, there has now come a change in your environment.   Since the man represented by the Knight of Wands has come onto the scene your expectations, hopes and fears have altered.    Now you are considering how a commitment to another person would fit into your life.  

Your attitude here is quite ambivalent.  Part of you really likes the idea, but another part of you is cautious.   You also seem unsure whether your feelings are thoroughly reciprocated.   You hover, wondering what you should do.

I think you will probably continue to waver for a little while here.    I do have to say there is no good reason for you to hold back except your own doubts and uncertainties.    Some of this is based in old fears….in many ways your life as it stands is quite safe.    It is mostly under your control.   You wonder sometimes about introducing such an important variable factor as another person for whom you have deep feelings.   That has been dangerous territory for you in the past.

The two 6’s in the reading really give it all away – both of these bring success and happiness into your life as a result of action – in other words, you have to something in order to get the result you really hope for.

In about five weeks I think you will take a step toward the Knight of Wands, despite your misgivings.   In the end the part of you which is attracted to him wins out, and you will reveal your feelings to him.   At that point you’ll discover he has been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the right signals from you all along.

This leads to a warm and happy period in your life.   Among other things, a deep and abiding friendship springs up between you.   This is something you have longed for often – a real meeting of minds where you can share all levels of your being with somebody, without having to fear what impact your honesty will have upon them.   One of the things that becomes increasingly important is the similarities between you, and also the willingness – even eagerness – to explore new territory and be open to new ideas.

A part of you which has been shut away for too long will begin to surface here – a dreaming, expectant part of you, which has little to do with the everyday, self-contained you.     This more vulnerable aspect of yourself seems to have been shut away to protect it from ridicule or pain for a very long time.

As an aside from all this, but a welcome bit of news….not only can the relationship blossom, but a work project you have in hand will take off with unexpected success at about the four month mark.  This is something close to your heart, something that you don’t really have very high hopes for – but when it takes hold, believe me, its rapid progress will take your breath away.

Looks like a good year or so coming your way ;-)  Long may it continue.

Loadsa love

Reading by jan@angelpaths.com


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