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7 card

Cards:  1) The Sun  2) Queen of Wands 3) Strength  4) 5 of Wands   5) 2 of Wands 6)3 of Swords  7) Ace of Wands

Hello Laurel.    Your question was what do you need to know to move along your path.    The first thing that struck me about this reading was the number of very high energy cards it contains.      It is a remarkably powerful reading which indicates a strong and purposeful personality with a great exuberance for life.   

However that 3 of Swords indicates an underlying fear of loss, or sorrow.   Whilst there is nothing else in the cards to indicate this, I do sense that there has been quite a bit of trial and tribulation in recent years for you.    More recently you show a period of recovery  which has been rewarding and healing for you.   You have already achieved a couple of your aims, but still feel there’s a way to go before you are completely satisfied.

However, you are a determined woman and you are not afraid of working steadily toward your goals in life.   You now have the confidence to believe that you can do what you set your mind to.

There is one particular new project you have been thinking over for some time but have not yet implemented.    If you were to go ahead, this would cause a fair bit of upheaval in your life – and possibly in the lives of those around you – this tends to make you hesitate.   Yet you are excited and stimulated every time you think about it.

There is a fair amount of risk involved – but as always, where there is risk there is also a great possibility of success.    You have done a lot over the last few years to consolidate your overall position.  You are in a good position to forge forward with more risky projects at this time than ever before.  

It is important that you recognise that you will run into initial opposition from some quarters in implementing this new idea, but this appears to be relatively minor and can be overcome by reassurance, and good planning.   Your own worries of loss are not realised at all.   These are just shadows based on past experience and are not relevant to the outcome here, if you go ahead.

It seems to me you could get a great deal from this experience…if you go ahead you will change several aspects of your life for good.  And I truly believe this will be a deeply satisfying, thrilling and rewarding course of action.

The final result card indicates that when you go ahead (it’ll take about three months to really get moving) your actions will result in a completely new way of life for you which brings happiness, contentment and excitement.    There’s a lot of success here, as well as enjoyment and fun.

Good luck.

Loadsa love

Reading by jan@angelpaths.com


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