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7 card

Cards:  1)0 The Fool  2)VI The Lovers   3)XVI The Tower  4)XVII The Star 5)XXI  The Universe   6)Ace Cups  7)Knight Disks   (3 up on Knight Disks – XIV Art/4 Swords/Prince Disks)

This is a lovely and very powerful reading – not the number of Major Arcana cards in there – 6 out of 10 goes against all the odds.   Whenever we see a reading with a lot of Majors in it we know that we are looking at a critically important point in the querent’s life – a point where perhaps crucial decisions must be taken, new pathways chosen and new directions adopted.   You said when you sent your cards in, that you wanted to let the Universe talk to you – well it certainly has done a lot of that here ;-)

In your case you already have taken steps to change things in your life.  In the fairly recent past you took a big leap forward – almost into the unknown.    You did this with a great deal of trust that the actions you were taking were the right ones for everybody concerned.   

In doing this, you have created a much more loving environment for yourself, which brings deeper levels of understanding and perception.   It is almost as though you have removed a wall so that you can get a broader view, and this has brought you contentment and satisfaction.  

In truth you had expected more disruption than you have thus far experienced,  things have gone much more smoothly than you had imagined.   I do think that in the next six to eight weeks you will encounter some opposition, but this is easy for you to deal with and you seem to make even more progress as a result.

You are developing new perspectives on certain of the more familiar aspects of your life now – as though re-evaluating things and shuffling them around in importance.   Things that you saw as absolute must-haves two or three years ago give way now to new ideas and hopes for yourself.

The Star (best card in the deck ;-)) offers you great opportunities during this period – often unexpected and surprising.   Do take every chance you possibly can – you will be laying the foundations for a new and happy life as you do so.   The Star usually points to an exceptionally fortunate period where, so long as you keep your objectives clear, you will move toward them easily.

In about four months one particular matter will come to a final end.   You are relaxed and content with this, though you have some worries about how well things will go.  In this case, everything will settle quite satisfactorily.   Whilst this is clearly a door closing for you, there is the very strong sense that others open onto a whole new horizon.

You have come to be deeply satisfied with the way that you have handled things recently.   Your view of yourself has changed quite dramatically over the last year or so.   Emotionally you feel complete and happy.    And you have learned the art of loving yourself above all – that’s been a hard and long fought struggle for you, but you have finally achieved it.

The final card of the reading indicates a man who has great influence over you in some ways.  He is a steady reliable man – not one to take risks nor rock the boat.   I feel as though this man is important to you for many reasons, but there has been some doubt about how he is reacting and feeling.   Those last three cards indicate that any rifts between you will be healed in time and that a deep-rooted and powerful friendship will replace whatever is causing unrest at the moment.  At that point you will see a more appealing side of him which allows you to see more deeply within him than at present.

That’s it – make the very best of this time.

Loadsa love

Reading by jan@angelpaths.com


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