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7 card

Cards:   1)XI Lust (Strength)  2)2 Wands  3)VII The Chariot  4)II The Priestess  5)7 Disks 6)Knight Swords (3 up here for clarification – VII The Chariot/Knight Pentacles/4 Pentacles)  7)Princess Wands

OK, now you had a specific question for this reading regarding your upcoming surgery – what you should learn from it, and what effect it would have on your life in the future.  

Certainly the operation you will have is going to make a significant improvement to your overall health, but there is an oddity here – you have brought up Lust/Strength in the past position – this suggests that perhaps even knowing that your surgery is scheduled has had a beneficial effect – this suggests you have been waiting for this for some time, and probably thinking on it quite intensely.   

Now you feel in a position of strength and power.   It is as though you have released something which was holding you back by making the recent decisions you have.   You’re feeling stable and good within yourself, and there is no sign of any lurking apprehension.

By the looks of that Chariot card there, (which is repeated later – though then reversed) you are moving into a very strong and happy time for you – a period of breakthrough into new areas, which whilst preceded by struggle, is going to be a time of liberation and satisfaction for you.

Your spiritual development has been very important to you in the last few months.  You find new areas within yourself when you spend time learning and seeking.   Currently you wish you could locate a good advisor or teacher to help you along the way, although the cards themselves tend to suggest a fairly solitary journey for a time.

The working environment looks to be giving you some cause for concern in the future – I feel as though your skills are not being appropriately used at the moment, and that you get little satisfaction from your endeavours.   Whilst I am not sure this particular matter is in any way directly connected to the surgery, there is room for change in this department.   You have unused skills which perhaps, in the right environment, would bring you the material security you need as well as providing you with more job satisfaction.  However, my feeling about this is that it is an area you are either not willing or not able to tackle right now.   I would draw your attention to opportunities arising between six and nine months into the future…if taken, these should allow you to correct this particular problem.

As you know, I asked for three cards to clarify the card in the hopes and fears position – the Knight of Swords.   I think this represents a person from your past who has influenced your attitudes today more than he has a right to.   I feel that, in the end, this man did more harm than good to your opinion of yourself, and the dregs of this linger today.    However you seem to be able to shake off this influence now, leaving yourself open to happier interactions with a man typified as the Knight of Disks.    The Chariot seems to confirm that at least in part, this is because of the breakthroughs that will come following the surgery, and I think the card was reversed to indicate that there has been a problem overcoming past influences before – doubt any such difficulties will occur in the future though.

You emerge from the next few months with a much stronger sense of self, than previously.   You are feeling more confident and happy than you have in a while.   You have higher levels of energy to engage with life, and you feel generally liberated and more at peace with yourself.   So..in answer to your original question, I think you will find that undergoing the surgery will have a largely beneficial and positive effect on your life, opening out new opportunities and encouraging confidence.

Loadsa love

Reading by jan@angelpaths.com


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