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7 card

Cards: 1) the fool  2) 3 of pentacles 3) the moon  4) 7 of pentacles 5) king of pentacles 6) 7 of swords  7) 5 of swords   3 additional clarifying cards:  The Lovers, Ace of Pentacles, and 5 of pentacles.

OK now I have these last three cards, I’ll tell you that I was more than a little concerned when I saw this original reading….there is a very strong warning in the reading that somebody is perpetuating some kind of financial deceit around you which is potentially quite bad for yourself and your family.   However, the last three cards indicate clearly that you are able to take steps to protect yourselves and your family interests, which is GREAT news.

In the recent past, you and your husband have taken some kind of calculated risk on the material front.  On the face of things this looks like it could be very successful, and there’s a strong ‘feelgood’ factor to the action.   At the moment you seem to be tying up the last few details connected with this.      I would honestly say that if there is still potential for you to retreat without penalty, please do.   It looks to me as though you have not been given all the facts you needed to make a good decision here – in fact, I think you have been deliberately misled.

The man represented as the King of Disks appears, on the surface, to be an honest, helpful and well-equipped man.  He comes across as though he understands money matters, investment and profit making very well.   However I am not convinced that he is above board, nor as honest as he at first appears.   I wouldn’t go quite so far as to say he is a con-man, but he definitely a person with his own agenda which does not necessarily take into account your wellbeing.

If you cannot retreat from this situation, then over the next three or four months the illusion he has created will begin to become clear.   Those two 7’s are a little disconcerting….the 7 of Pentacles tells you that, no matter how events may appear to be unfolding, it is important to keep your eye and your attention on other methods of making yourselves materially stable.   Don’t allow this one situation to dominate, and try hard to keep things in perspective here.   

Don’t give in to feelings that you can do nothing about what happens – rather be ready to challenge through any channels available to you, events as they unfold.   Even if it is too late to pull out of this deal, those last three cards make it very clear that so long as you remain close and true to each other, you will find the strength and wherewithal to sort things out.   The most valuable thing you each possess at this moment is your love for the other.  Let this be the single most important factor as you deal with these difficulties.   

The efforts you make here will eventually result in you being able to recover some of the investment you are worried you have lost, and avert any impending financial gloom.   It’s a matter of just sticking together and fighting back.

Of course if you’re able to pull out now, then the rest of the reading will likely be completely avoided.    But if it is an unavoidable occurrence, so long as you follow through, you’ll survive pretty much intact and a bit wiser ;-)

As a matter of interest, whilst I have no cards here to substantiate what I am about to say, I do get an impression of two separate things later on in the year which bring light into your lives….one is the resolution of a long term health problem for somebody quite close to you, after delays and doubt.   The other is a very good opportunity in the work or business field that comes in (I think) September.

Good luck with this….try not to let things worry you unduly….and I’m sorry I couldn’t bring you excellent news.

Loadsa love

Reading by jan@angelpaths.com


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