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7 card

Cards:   1)O The Fool  2)XIV  Art  3)XVII  The Moon  4)2 Wands  5)Knight Wands  6)10 Swords  7)8 Disks

Ok…so in the fairly recent past things have changed quite a bit in your life.   You have left one particular situation behind you.  Whilst initially this felt very risky and frightening, in fact it has turned out to be liberating, giving you the time and freedom to follow new directions.

You’re quite a deeply spiritual person, having developed a philosophy of life that allows you to move forward in trust, and the sure belief that if you remain open the right things will come into your life.   You asked in your original email whether there was any indication of  how you should begin to direct yourself.   In fact, this reading does not tell us that…instead it offers you a bit of information that I think will come in useful in the next few months.

Your life is quite finely balanced right now.  Finances, emotions and practical day to day things all seem aligned and steady.    This feels s though it has only been achieved as an effort of will by you…but all the same things feel pretty good and you are proud of the progress you have made.

When you look to the future you imagine that things will gradually develop into a satisfactory and enjoyable pattern.    You are highly intuitive, and this will naturally gain in strength over the next few months.   It may well be worth taking up a simple meditation techniques to help you in this area.   Jessica MacBeth wrote a great book called “Moon over Water” which has some terrific meditation techniques that are easy to implement and follow.

Generally your life feels under your control at the moment.   It does seem though that you tend to keep quite a tight rein on your emotions.   You tend not to move too close to them because you feel you might be overwhelmed.

Do expect, in the next two or three months, to be required to completely re-assess a  relationship in a new light.  This is with the man indicated as the Knight of Wands – a friendly, outgoing and kind man.   He has a good sense of humour and is loyal and honest.  

For some reason you develop a suspicion that all is not as it seems with this man.   You increasingly believe that he is hiding something from you, and this sets off alarm bells and a sense of doubt within you.   I am not convinced your suspicions are well-founded, and I really would encourage you to consider talking openly and frankly about how you are feeling.   I think you’ll find he will respond very well, and that such open communication between you will bring a new aspect into the relationship which has been lacking for some time.

What is important is that you do not simply dwell on your suspicions and worry yourself to pieces.  This can be quite simply resolved if you are willing to discuss it.   And this particular difficulty, strangely enough, seems to open the door to new experiences for you.   These may well be shared experiences with the man I mentioned.  Certainly it seems to me you will have his support and good thoughts to carry you forward.  

I feel that one area in which you could perhaps dedicate your first steps toward yourself, are in practising being genuinely and deeply grateful for the things you already have – both on a material level, but also in terms of your own life experience and wisdom.   There’s a lot there you need to take stock of and acknowledge.

Have fun!

Loadsa love

Reading by jan@angelpaths.com


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