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7 card

Cards:  1)VI  The Lovers  2) IX  The Hermit   3)10 of Wands   4)Knight of Disks  5)10 of Cups   6)0 The Fool   7)XVIII The Moon

Hi there.   Mmm I think you’ve been through a pretty rough time just recently, particularly connected to relationships.   You look quite withdrawn and inward-looking at the moment, perhaps tending to withdraw from people.    I think you’re getting something positive (if a little uncomfortable) from this inner examination.  

However in the imminent future, there will come a point where you need to consider reaching out again, looking for support and warmth.   Don’t let yourself get to a point where you feel trapped or desolate.    At the same time, try to avoid the temptation to push at things that currently seem obstinately entrenched.
Shortly, you’ll need to dedicate yourself single-mindedly to a work project.  I think this will serve to help you turn your attention to positive activity.  Really try to throw yourself into this.

The sadness that you are currently experiencing will come to an abrupt (even startling) end when you are contacted by somebody you had not expected to hear from.    The 10 of Cups is a card that always says that each important event in our lives has a special moment in which it can happen perfectly.   This moment is approaching in your life - but the choice of moment is in the hands of another person.  

When it comes, it will turn your life around again.   As the Lord of Happiness enters, you’ll find your worries dissipated, and you will move into a period of deep contentment.   You need to be ready to take this risk - it will move you into a new phase of contentment.   So dispel your fears and get ready to jump!!

Because of the nature of your recent experiences, if you are ready to take this leap of faith, you will be free to let go of old ghosts, and move forward with a new  energy into the rest of your life.   Enjoy!

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