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7 card

Cards: 1) 6 Coins 2) 3 Coins 3) 9 Cups 4) The Lovers 5) 7 Wands 6) 7 Swords 7) Hierophant

Hmmm…..this is quite a mixed reading Catherine. The practical and material areas of life seem to be going pretty well, but personal relationships and feelings seem troubled. I have to say though that there’s no indication that misgivings are justified…more that perhaps you are protecting yourself more than you need to because of previous bad experiences.

You’ve had recent success in the working field. A pet project has gone very well, and has led to more responsibility for you. Right now you seem to be concentrating hard on this area. There is some pressure but you are responding well to this. In fact you tend to thrive on work pressures so long as you feel equal to the task ahead of you. You enjoy the sense of urgency this brings.

That 7 of Wands implies that shortly you’ll be needing to make a pitch of some sort where you will be in competition against other people with different ideas….I think you need to put a lot of care into preparing this presentation. The competition will be pretty fierce but I think with forethought you will be able to come through with something that demonstrates your idea with flair and imagination – it’s this you should be concentrating on right now.

Now on the personal front you draw the 9 of Cups for the immediate future – this is a remarkably strong card which tells you that you are moving into a very useful phase. This card is the Wish card – when it has influence what you desire strongly is what you will create in your life. Can I give you a word of warning based on the appearance of the 7 of Swords though – if you find your fears outweigh your desires and wishes, you stand every chance of creating your fears, rather than your desires.

You want a deeply committed and loving relationship. You want a partner who reflects your needs into life and who understands your motivations and hopes for the future. However some of your thoughts about romance and love are marred by bad memories. There are parts of you that feel very frightened of allowing yourself to become emotionally attached to anyone after prior experiences. It seems safer to hold people at arms’ length than allow them to get close.

Deep down you know this attitude won’t work, and you have consciously tried to shed it. But on the personal front, your sense of self-esteem is still low and you tend to shrink from close encounters. This is completely contradicted when we examine the ‘working you’. Here you are dynamic and competent, with a high regard for your own abilities and contributions.

The 7 of Swords – Lord of Futility – is a difficult card. And when it is affecting you personally, in the end the only thing to do is to take your courage in both hands and become the Fool – face whatever the card represents and jump off the cliff ;-) Become the Fool and trust to life and to yourself that whatever lies ahead you can and will survive and come out happier and more joyous. The Hierophant represents the wealth of experience and wisdom you already have at your disposal. Trust yourself, and break through these barriers which were built a while ago by suffering. They are no longer relevant and you don’t need them.

Loadsa love
Reading by jan@angelpaths.com


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