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7 card

Cards:   1)IV The Emperor  2)XI Lust   3)XII  The Hanged Man  4)XIII Death   5)VIII  Adjustment 6)I The Magus   7)XIV   Art

OK first observations here Marina….all seven cards are Major Arcana, which is to be expected when you’re asking about such a momentous period in your life.   The fast answer is things are going to work out the way you hope they will, but there are a couple of glitches and delays.

Your husband is probably the Emperor – a skilled man who is willing to take calculable risks.    He’s a reliable steady man with strong family values and some fairly traditional attitudes to home, work and family.   However he also has an entrepreneurial streak which leads him to sometimes break the mould and go in a direction that is not predictable.  

Right now he (and therefore you) are attempting change basic features of your lives.   He has put a lot of energy into getting everything into place in order to enable you both to travel to the States, and completely change your lives.   You, on the other hand, are regarding this a little anxiously at the minute – not just whether it will come together at all, but whether when it does you will be happy with the changes.

Your anxieties will be heightened by an unexplained delay which will happen in the next four or five weeks.   Please try not to let this delay get under your skin too much – it really means nothing at all.   Things are just not working quite the way you had expected.   Despite apparent appearances, things are going along fine…it’s just that from where you are sitting there seems to be no movement.   Try to relax and go with the flow here.

Early February will see enormous changes in your life…everything here changes, and you find this period disruptive and demanding…however it does mean that at last you have confirmation that things are going according to plan.   There’s a lot to get through during this time, and a good deal of upheaval.   There’s also a degree of sadness for what you will leave behind, but  also a feeling of being able to get a clean sweep and start afresh.

After all the changes take place (and you are in the States) there’s a  period of adjustment and some unease whilst you get used to a very different style of life.   Your concerns about how good this move would be for you tend to resurface a bit here…but I do think you’re feeling pretty stressed, and probably in information overload here.    These feelings will soon pass as you begin to settle in.   Don’t place too much importance on them…they will only last for four or five weeks as you find your feet in your new life.

Your husband will make a success of the new project.   His skills will be well-appreciated.   For him this is like making a dream come true.  He will be fulfilled and happy in his new environment.   From your perspective this is really very important.

The final result card says it all really.   Whilst you don’t react particularly well to change, once you have settled and found your feet, you will find all aspects of life coming into better balance.   You will be happy and contented once you get past the disruption.   I reckon it is time to steel yourself for the stress, start the packing and prepare for the leap into unknown territory!!

Good luck.

Reading by jan@angelpaths.com


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