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7 card

Cards:     1)XI Lust   2)XIV Art  3)4 Wands  4)Prince Wands  5)5 Swords  6)5 Wands  7)5 Cups

You know every now and again, Carole, one of those divine coincidences happen which never cease to surprise me….this reading looks to me as though it is one of them.    You’ll see that you have selected three 5’s from the numbers you gave me.    5’s are always awkward cards…they indicate periods of difficulty, challenge and struggle.     These three 5’s stem from a choice you are going to make in the fairly near future, concerning the young man indicated by the Prince of Wands…..the logical and most obvious choice – the one you would have taken – is not the right course of action here.    If you do go the obvious route, that will cause a good deal of disturbance in your life – and will  eventually lead to regret and sadness.

Let me cover the reading in detail…I’m sorry, the cards do not truly clarify exactly what choices face you here – it could be that having read this, you understand precisely what I am talking about – but if you need more information, then we can work on that together later.   

Recently you have been very involved with some unfamiliar and somewhat disturbing feelings – as though your deeper passions have been stirred up after a period of relative calm.    This seems to have been both delightful and nerve-wracking.   As we look at you now, you have achieved a greater sense of balance and equilibrium than you were previously feeling – the whirlwind has subsided somewhat.  

You now feel as though you are waiting for something to happen.   This ‘something’ seems to be dependent on the actions of somebody else – probably the Prince of Wands, who is an important influence in your life.    He is basically a moral, open and friendly person, who gives the impression of currently being in something of a quandary.  

There’s a temptation here for you to pre-empt to decisions he must make and attempt to push things to a conclusion.  This would be relatively easy to do, but judging by those 5’s at the end of the reading, is not the best course of action from your perspective.   If you do decide to act, rather than letting events unwind at their own pace, you will probably introduce quite a lot of disturbance and unhappiness into your life.  

The 5 of Swords is on the environmental position – so this covers how your actions will affect your overall situation – and this 5 is also known by the title of Defeat, suggesting that rapid action will probably not bring the desired result for you.   The 5 of wands is Strife, so there is a strong possibility that the only consequence of pushing forward now would be unnecessary and unwelcome conflict.    And in the final result position is the 5 of Cups – Disappointment, indicating loss and sadness as a result of your actions.

All that said, I really believe that if you sit tight and do nothing, allowing events to take their natural course, you are likely to get exactly what you want anyhow, and with the minimum of problem – except of course in dealing with the waiting.      There’s a lot of strength in the Art card though – this one advises you to maintain your balance, and concern yourself directly with things that will help the time to pass as swiftly as possible.

Good luck Carole – it’s always hard to have to place your trust in somebody else, when so much depends upon it – but it’s the best thing you can possibly do.

Loadsa love

Reading by jan@angelpaths.com


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