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7 card

Before I do this reading let me just give you a link where the concept of twin flames is discussed quite extensively


That should answer your questions about the psychic’s remarks to you.

Cards:     Card 1: Six of Swords  Card 2: Six of Cups  Card 3: 9 of wands  Card 4: Six of Disks  Card 5: 2 of Swords  Card 6: Knight of Cups  Card 7: Aeon

The first thing that draws my eye on this reading is all those 6’s.   Six relates Quabbalistically to the Sphere of Tiphareth which is called Harmony, or Beauty.    There is a quality of unconditional love here which s only ever echoed again in the 4’s.   So your sense that your relationship with John as a significant and lasting one is certainly underlined.   However I should say right at the start that I do not believe that this love will become a romantic one.    There’s no indication that physical intimacy is a possibility here.   (Sorry ;-)

In the recent past you have made important decisions affecting the direction of your own life.    As we have already seen, the chances are that those decisions will lead you into a relationship with a new man which will cover your romantic aspirations very satisfactorily.  

John shows in this reading as the Knight of Cups…this means he is an imaginative and gentle man, with a deeply emotional and romantic nature.   He is creative and quite artistic, though I sense this is somewhat repressed in him at the moment.   His intuition should be quite strong, though he often does not allow this to show.   Knights of Cups often have a slightly weak streak in them, which can sometimes lead to dishonesty.   They are usually deeply involved in their sexual feelings.

The 6 of Cups on the present indicates a deep desire within you to be fully realised within a strong emotional relationship.   You want to be able to surrender without uncertainty into a partnership that satisfies you at all levels of your being.   I’m wondering here whether this is perhaps a reaction against the past lives you were told about by the psychic.  

The 9 of Wands on the future position indicates a need now to make no compromises around the things that you want for yourself.    It tells you to be true to your own needs at all costs, and to engage fully in seeking the things you want out of life.   If you do this, you will provide yourself with a key experience which will transform you spiritually and make you feel complete.

The whole tone of this reading seems to suggest that beyond all else you need to engage with the search for what you want personally.   It is as though there are whole areas of your personal life which remain unexplored, and which cry out for fulfilment.   The 6 of Disks is a card of inner unfurlment.  It tells you to allow your total potential to develop, so that this touches all areas of your life.    

You clearly feel somewhat confused at the moment.  Position 6 talks about your hopes and fears.    And you reveal some of both with the 2 of Swords there.   Part of you doesn’t want to leave your romantic thoughts about John behind.  You have still harboured secret (though respectful) thoughts in that direction.    I doubt you have met a man who stirred you quite this strongly for a while, if ever.    Yet on another level, you recognise that you have your own set of needs regarding the intimate and romantic side of your life.    But you are moving now into a period where making decisions about how to see John in the future become much easier to make.  

With the Aeon on the Final Result position, you will shortly reach a turning point where you are able to decide what is best for you.   I think this probably keys into the first reading I did for you.  I reckon what is going to happen here is that you will meet the man showing in that reading, and become deeply involved with him.  John will obviously remain a close friend, and hopefully this will come to satisfy your needs so far as he is concerned.

Loadsa love

Reading by jan@angelpaths.com




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