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7 card

Cards:    1) seven swords  2)six wands   3)two swords   4)King of disks  5)Prince of cups   6)five cups  7)eight cups

For some reason I sense that this past experience card, the 7 of Swords, goes back further in time than is usual in this particular spread.   It has a feeling of reaching back over two or three years, rather than the average six months or so.    And I do think that there have been some pretty heavy duty problems to overcome during that period.    However you have been quite determined to stand up for yourself and as a result you are in a much stronger position now.   There must have been times there when you truly doubted you could get a satisfactory outcome.

Now is a period of celebration and happiness.   And you certainly seem to have many important achievements to celebrate right now.   You can see a time of stability and growth beginning to unfold in front of you, and you feel excited and ready for challenge.  There’s an underlying sense of relief here too, as though you wondered how you would ever get to this stage.

For quite a long time you have felt yourself to be in a state of limbo…always waiting for the next thing to be resolved before you can move forward.  Now it feels much more as though you have suddenly been released and you’re eager to get going.   Inside you feel contented and happy.    There are some important decisions you need to be taking in this next few weeks – be bold in your choices.  This is a good time where you can make big steps forward toward your goals so don’t hold back.

The man showed as King of Disks is a person who is extremely important in your life (most likely your husband).   After a time where he was quite insecure and unfocussed, he now seems to have stepped into himself very strongly.   He will be a reliable and steady companion who offers a lot of quiet support to you now.  I do get the feeling that before this was not always the case, so this is especially good.  Whilst you are an independent woman, you always function better with a trusted partner to care for.

I think the Prince of Cups is an external young male who you will shortly come into contact with on a business level.  He is creative, artistic and very stimulating.  Be warned though – he’s also quite moody and unpredictable.   Whilst I feel you can get a lot out of contact with him, it’s important to maintain your distance from him, and to be careful how high your expectations of him get – especially in the early days of knowing him.  He is a young man capable of very intense passionate feelings, and given to living inside his imagination quite a bit.  Make sure you keep everything purely business here.

You are worried about being disappointed, though it’s unclear why.    (Give me three cards extra here and I’ll see if I can clarify).      These could easily be ‘old’ feelings, bearing in mind that you haven’t had the best experiences in the world until recently.  It’s worth digging any doubts out, brushing the dust off them and seeing whether you really believe they are relevant any longer.

Finally, that last card tells you that you probably do a little bit too much for others and not enough for yourself.  Now is a time to be focussing on your own needs and dreams.     Set yourself some personal goals, and then work toward achieving them.   Set boundaries with regard to how much time, energy, effort and support you have available for others.   Most of your energy needs to be concentrated on yourself during this important development.    Don’t feel awkward about ensuring you have the space to do what you need.

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Reading by jan@angelpaths.com



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