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7 card

Cards:     1)VI The Lovers  2)XII  The Hanged Man   3)VIII   Adjustment    4)Ace of Disks  5)III  The Empress   6)5 of Wands   7)Knight of Wands

A past powerful and influential relationship is still affecting you a great deal today….you are inert, unable to move in one direction or another.   It looks from this reading as though this difficult situation is the thing which is keeping you feeling so anxious and trapped.   It is as though you felt you drew a lot of confidence, security and inspiration from this relationship and, now that it is ended, you believe you no longer have access to those things.

However the appearance of the Hanged Man on the present indicates that you’re seeing this from the wrong perspective.    I feel as though, to some degree at least, you idealised the relationship whilst you were in it, tending not to see reality, but rather seeing what your partner told you was there.    And I doubt your partner was a moral person because you have been left with such terribly low self esteem and a poor view of yourself as a result of your experiences.

It’s time to do a bit of adjusting of your view of things now.   Stop going back to the relationship in order to try to regain positive feelings about yourself -  begin to look for them inside yourself.   I am quite certain there were a great many illusions and deceits in that situation – these created a false impression, especially of you.   You are creative within yourself – it has nothing to do with any apparent inspiration from outside.   You can make yourself secure by believing in you, and claiming back the parts of you that have been stolen away by cruelty and manipulation.

In a sense the way to leave behind your anxiety attacks is to also leave your past behind you, and focus instead on the present and the future.   Where you find something you are unhappy with, tackle it…right there and then.   And make a point of LOOKING for the good things you do, say and feel.    Then celebrate them.   Refuse to allow other peoples’ view of you to be more important to you than your own…sometimes people find it useful to encourage us to believe things which are not true of us, in order for them to be able to avoid looking at who they are.

Much of your anxiety now is rooted in the insecurities and self doubt this old relationship made inside of  you.      However, you are free of that now.   If you choose to do it you can step out of this negative situation and claim back the rest of your life.  

Shortly there is a new project coming in.   Please, Sunil, grab this with both hands and a great big grin.   It’s going to be the start of something big…it’ll be challenging, interesting and exciting – a task to really get your creative juices running again.     Because it’s in a field you are interested to explore, you’ll find yourself really stimulated and charged up.    Try really hard not to do any thinking about whether you are capable of handling it…of course you are.   You’ll love it!!

There is a woman in your life from whom you draw a lot of strength and support – make sure that you reach for her help when things start shifting.    She can offer you considerable steady support.   

Try to stop consistently questioning yourself now.   This chips away at your sense of self, and undoes the good you manage to achieve when you’re on good form.   Make a point of reinforcing positive thoughts and actions….appreciate what you have done, comfort yourself when you’re feeling shaky, and keep your face firmly turned to the future.
Toward the end of the reading you meet a man typified by the Knight of Wands….an open, energetic, dynamic man with a warm disposition and a fierce love of ethical behaviour.    He will make a very strong impact on you, and positively change many aspects of your life (though I can’t tell you how cos the reading stops before that bit!!)   This will certainly be a very good contact from your perspective, so make the best of it.

Reading by jan@angelpaths.com


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