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7 card

Cards:   Ace of Wands  2)IX The Hermit   3)Knight of Disks   4)II The High Priestess   5)IV The Lovers   6)2 of Wands   7)VIII   Adjustment.

This is a very powerful reading.   It seems you are at a very important stage in your life.  Many things have changed in recent months, and now you’re in the lull before the next stage begins.    You’ve learned a great deal about yourself over this time, discovered new strengths and fresh energy.   Use this period just now to take a good hard luck at everything you have gained in terms of self-understanding.    It’s important for you to re-adjust the way you see yourself now.

The Knight of Disks represents a man upon whom you rely quite strongly.   He’s a dependable type, even in his moods, practical and supportive, though fairly quiet too.    There seems to have been some difficulty around his working environment recently but this will resolve itself toward the end of January, and he’ll be very pleased with the outcome.  

Your intuition will be running very high over these next few months…remember to pay attention to it and to act n its guidance.   Also ensure that you give yourself enough time to think things through and to meditate if possible.   This is a period of fast spiritual growth…you need to try to leave enough room to get really in touch with yourself.

Existing relationships will deepen and strengthen during this period, and you should expect the beginning of another relationship - friendship I think - that will prove to be a really good one as the years pass by.       Right now you’re in a strong position to forge plans and set goals for the future.   You’re optimistic and hopeful, and as your energy builds again you’ll find yourself eager to throw yourself into life with vigour and enthusiasm.  

Work to remain centred, listen to yourself carefully and prepare for setting off in a new direction in about three months.  Here you will change certain features of your life as a result of an extremely fortuitous event which comes out of the blue.   Grasp opportunities, remain centred and enjoy yourself!!

Reading by jan@angelpaths.com


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