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7 card

Cards:   1)O The Fool      2) VI The Lovers   3)Knight of Disks   4)XV The Devil   5)XVIII  The Moon   6)XX The Aeon   7)6 of Swords

With 5 Major Arcana cards up in this reading, events marked here are going to have great importance and influence over your future.

In the recent past you have taken a very big risk on an emotional relationship, making a commitment that you had not expected to get involved with at this time.   This relationship is with a man represented by the Knight of Disks - so a steady, reliable, practical sort of man.     He probably handles money and resources well….

I think that there’s some last part of this commitment that you have not yet followed through on, and during the delay that has caused this you have begun to have some doubts about your best course of action.   You give the impression that you’ve begun to seriously wonder whether you want to move forward any further at this particular time.  

I think this doubt is tending to limit and restrict you somewhat, but there are clear indications that if you give yourself sufficient time to reflect, you’ll know that many of your uncertainties are based on old experiences which have caused you pain and grief.      You also seem concerned about what those you love will think of you taking this step.   

Basically all of these things are matters which you need to be true to yourself to resolve.   It’s time to leave the past behind now……you have learned all you can from these events.   Now it’s time to let them go, and step forward happily and with optimism.

As for what your loved ones will feel about your decisions…..if they want the best for you they will support you in whatever you choose to do.    And if they don’t support you then they are probably running personal agendas which will not necessarily benefit you.

With the final card up as the Lord of Science, we see that these changes will move you into a more protective, calmer and more stable environment, where you can rest and gather your spirits together, then plan the next stage in your journey.   The overall effect of changing things around you will be highly beneficial.   You’ll feel much more relaxed and at peace with your life, and as a result free off energy to really throw yourself into the things that interest and challenge you.

One word of warning……don’t try to ‘make’ yourself go forward …there’s a right moment for everything…a time which feels totally in harmony…..wait till you feel that sense of ‘rightness’….then off you go!!

Reading by jan@angelpths.com


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