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7 card

Cards:  1)IV  The Emperor   2) VI  The Lovers   3)Ace of Wands   4)Prince of Cups   5)Prince of Disks  6)7 of Swords   7) Prince of Wands

As an overview, this reading is talking about a very intense emotional relationship (but one which could also be connected to your working life) with the man represented by the Prince of Disks.      I think this relationship has ended, causing a great deal of confusion and uncertainty for you.  

With the Emperor in the past, you must have been successful - a dynamic partnership who achieved big things.    I would guess the Prince of Disks was probably the driving force, for he is  a steady and hard-working type, who handled practical matters with great flair and determination.   He is the type of man who fixes an ambition firmly in his head and then refuses to stop until he reaches a goal.     However there is, in him, an aspect of ruthlessness too.    

I would think you were probably the more creative member of the partnership - you show as a Prince of Cups, so you’re intense, inward looking and deep thinking.  You are probably a lot more emotional than him too - all part of your creative nature.  

The breakdown of the partnership has left you feeling vulnerable, exposed and unable to work properly.   You find your creativity blocked, you lack motivation or direction and you’re currently feeling sad and unhappy.  That 7 of Swords indicates your tendency now to just want to give up…you feel ineffectual and unconstructive.

However, there’s a change coming shortly - probably a new challenge which enlivens you.   Whilst you feel afraid of moving forward, at the same time your frustration is mounting, acting as a goad to get you working properly again.   In some respects you doubt your ability to succeed on your own, but this is a misunderstanding of your capacity and creativity.

Take up this opportunity, and immerse yourself in it…..you learned a lot from your association with the Prince of Disks which, if you give it the chance will surface and help you to meet this new challenge.   You can survive the things you have recently been through Sunil…..just take this risk and move forward now.  Leave the past where it belongs.

In taking the chance on trusting yourself, you will be surprised and pleased at what you become capable of.    Don’t limit yourself.   Though there was a lot of pain in the breakdown of this partnership, it’s time to let it go now, rather than allowing it to rob you of your life.  You can be contented and successful…..so…..off you go!!!

Good luck.


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