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7 card

1) The Fool   2)  Lust    3)  The Devil    4) 2 Wands   5)  9 Cups  6) 5 Swords   7) 10 Swords

You’ve taken a big emotional risk recently - perhaps in a relationship which has become important to you.   This step forward has changed your life quite a lot, but there does seem to be some anxiety about the eventual outcome of your choice.   Right now, you look happy and engaged with life; yet at the same time there’s a bit of nervousness which tends to hold you back and make you hesitate.  

In the imminent future there’s some event which re-inforces your doubts, and makes you draw back.   Yet other aspects of the reading give no indication that your fears are justified.   Instead, your cards imply that you are tending not to trust yourself as much as you should.   Though you may feel a little disappointed about the event which takes place,  you need to avoid a temptation to make it bigger than it truly is.

The 2 of Wands (Dominion) in Card 4 position emphasises your own power and inner reserve.   You can take control of your life, and make it unfold the way you want it to.   To do this, try to face your fear and uncertainty, and see it as old shadows which have come back to haunt you.    These shadows have nothing to do with today.  

There’s a great deal of happiness surrounding you now.  The general environment holds a great deal of promise and hope.    Don’t allow old hurts to cloud your understanding and appreciation of that.   Things will be exactly what you make them - so let go and be happy!!

Try an affirmation - say it lots of times during the day (especially if you feel a bit down) -  Today my life gives me everything I need to be happy

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