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The Angel Paths Promise
revised June 2004

Angel Paths has now been established for about six and a half years. Over that period of time we have been fortunate enough to build up a community around the site which is several thousand people strong. We would like to thank each and every one of you for your loyalty, your contributions, your support and your interest. It is a special thing to be selected from the millions of web pages out there as a safe haven for so many people.

As you’ll have noticed, Angel Paths is changing. The biggest change of all is this redesign launched on 1st January 2003. As with all change, there has been some disruption. But the 2 of Disks tells us that change is inevitable…and can be refreshing and rewarding.

So…with that in mind….we decided that it was time to let you know clearly what the redesign will bring you. Our introduction of a paid-for member’s area has caused a bit of confusion – some of you were a little worried you might lose access to the hitherto free information areas of the site…. We decided to sort the two sections out quite clearly so that you know what to expect.

Angel Paths Website – free access to all
Everything that you have had access to will remain, and in some cases be expanded as and when we get time. This includes:

  • Jan’s online guide to the Tarot (all cards)
  • Working with the card of the day (all cards)
  • Spread examples
  • General access forums (Mystical, Huggy Healing, COL, Colour Harmonics, Crystals, Gardening, Research, Internet and Computer Q & A)
  • The Gallery
  • The Big Shop
  • Sample readings
  • Random articles
  • Celebration of Love
  • Healing information
  • Colour Harmonics site
  • Free Card of the Day ezine
  • Gratitude Road
  • Flash the Cat (he’s back soon ;-)
  • Tarot and music reviews
  • Tarot Q & A

and anything else we think of along the way…….

Angel Paths Subscribers’ Area:
If you decide to subscribe to the Subscribers’ area you will get all of the above and access to the private area which contains a growing body of articles on the following topics:

  • Advanced Exploration of the Tarot
  • Advanced Reading Techniques
  • Practical Magickal Tarot
  • Symbols of the Tarot
  • Tarot Flora and Herb Lore
  • Tarot and the Quabballa
  • Gods and Goddesses
  • Jan's Ramblings
  • Subscribers Only Discussion Forum
  • Daily Subscribers Only Ezine
  • Articles so far include: Burning Candles Safely, Dealing with Conflicts, Spells about Love, Magick Altar Stones, Candle Magick, Finding a Partner, The Question of Intent, Letters to the Universe, Letting Go, Surrendering, Rebounding Energy...

And whatever comes next….

We shall continue along the path outlined above into the foreseeable future (and since I’m a very good psychic that’s probably a long time!!) We hope you will remain happy and fulfilled by each visit you make to the site.

Loadsa love

Jan and Liam

Reading tarot with Jan.
Click here for real tarot readings by a real person - Jan!

Tarot readings include:

Looking for Love Spread

What should I do?

3-card past present future

General Elipse

Spiritual Mandala

"The Works" Spread

Wheel of the Year

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