Thought I would drop in

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Thought I would drop in

Postby Rusty » 30 Mar 2017, 08:49

Hi Jan and all, I last visited the site about 10-12 years ago so I suppose I have been disremembered. Since I last posted here I have been divorced, moved to the city (Cape Town) and now manage a music school. Life has been blissful, quiet and meditatory. I have had a long hard look at the world and come to see that it is wholly unsuitable for me I would also say the rest of humanity but I am not their spokesman.

In that time I have resigned from the human species (homo sapiens) and created my own (homo anomalous). So far my species has retained its only member (me). This merely reflects how my non-materialistic view of the world is at odds with everybody else.

I have studied the history of civilization all by myself and found the roots of many of the aspects of our lives that are counter to our general happiness and contentment. I think I can identify what we need to change in order to live better lives than we do today.

I have looked into our African culture here and found a wealth of interesting stuff. I have experienced stuff that most won't believe. It has been awe inspiring and a wonderful process.

I hope to be able to come back regularly and explain it all, but life has a way of intervening so I can't promise.

I hope that everybody at Angel Paths is well and that the years have been gentle to you.
See you soon
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Re: Thought I would drop in

Postby TheSixOfWands » 12 Jul 2017, 17:57

Hi Rusty - This forum is like a ghost town.
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Re: Thought I would drop in

Postby Jan » 20 Jul 2017, 20:13

See now that's it....I'm a ghost. Hello both ;-) *Makes spooky noises*.....probably inefficiently.

Loadsa love
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