The mirror spread don't kniw what to make of it xx

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The mirror spread don't kniw what to make of it xx

Postby joyful44 » 22 Dec 2015, 19:05

Hi there I have just done the mirror spread and was just wondering what you think it means I have attached a picture if you could give me your professional advice that would be great all the cards are the right way up 

1. King of pentacles 

2. Five of swords

3. The high priestess 

4. The sun

5. Ace of swords 

6. eight of wands 

7. The chariot 

8. Three of wands 

You might want to know a little about me,

My name is joy I'm 32 year old, female. I have 3 children shannon 9, jaydon 6, and adhara 2, ive come out of a violent relationship in April-may. Ive had alot of family problems, I've had to fight to keep my children (successfully) and had alot of betrayal, good thing is ive found people i can trust good friends, and was strong enough to get rid of a violent man, basically I've got 3 men whome are all really nice who would love to show me a better life and I am so scared to choose case i make the wrong choice one of them involves moving away from my friends one of them I feel is only after "one thing" and the other I've known since a child and have confided in him alot with what I've been through, at the moment everyone is capable of doing what my ex done I've just got my life back enjoying myself I have friends I'm scared incase someone tries to take it all away from me again,,, anyways I was thinking of these men while I shuffled, cut and dealt so your views on this spread would be fantastic thank you hope to hear from you soon xxx
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Re: The mirror spread don't kniw what to make of it xx

Postby Aoibhegreine » 23 Dec 2015, 12:14

First of all hello and welcome.

Secondly, I'll take a shot at your spread. Without the position names I'm going to read it as I normally would, I rarely use spreads unless I have a purpose in mind. The King of Pents represents the guys in question. He's quite a steady guy, head on straight, good values and a supporter. I'd definitely veto the one you feel is after something. Instincts are never wrong so trust them. The 5 of swords is the battle you've just come through but this card is not about the fight itself but the worthiness of the fight. It asks you to weigh up the pros and cons and to count the losses as well as the blessings. Battles take their toll, you need to figure out what yours has cost you before you can move forward. Personally, I'd say trust is the issue here. Betrayal knocks the stuffing out of us and makes us believe our ability to see people is wonky. It hurts and makes us afraid to do that again but the High Priestess says trust yourself. You have survived this, you have defeated this situation and what you make of it is up to you. Maybe one of these guys is the answer but maybe it's about rebuilding yourself first. Maybe you need to learn to rely on you before you can take that next step and that's ok and if the guys are as understanding as they say they'll understand and give you the space. If they don't then you'll know. The sun. Well, that's easy, it's time to shine. It's time to come into the light and feel the warmth on your face, to see the joy in everyday life. It's time to Live again. So whatever makes YOU and your family happy. Ace of swords is a new idea or breakthrough. It also relates to the justice system and conflict. To me this says you've made it, you've survived so here's a new start but think it through because that 8 of wands is a speedy one. Things happen fast, whirlwind speed so catch your breathe, make good plans and then hop in that chariot and go. That 3 of wands can mean waiting for your ship to come in or taking action. It's about growth and also travel. For now I'd say be you, find you, do what makes you happy. Everything else will work out.
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