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Tower as hopes/dreams? 2nd time Tower popped up...

PostPosted: 24 Jul 2015, 13:04
by airbabygurl
Hi all,

The other day I posted a reading I did for a friend- with the Tower in the 'Querant" position. The Tower was surrounded by positive cards so we took it to mean her feelings would be changing about something/someone. This morning- we did another reading to gain clarity and got some interesting cards! Would really love some extra insights as I'm still new to reading the combinations and the story the cards are trying to get across:

:scratch: -Present- Lovers
(Big choices/soul mate/fear actions may hurt someone,,, her & her bf are currently separated by jail)

-Challenges- 3 Pentacles
(@ first I thought 3-way affair; but it could speak of expansion; working together)

-Past foundation- Ace Pentacles
(paired with lovers i'd say rich soulmate! but in Past- possibly material security)

-Past actions that are ending- 5 Wands
(challenges/play/competition,,, possibly ending to conflict?)

-Goals/Destiny- 3 Swords
(As I stated, her and her bf are currently separated; but why would this fall in the goals/destiny spot? Telling her to go? Abandon him?)

-Future- 4 Cups
(boredom I know; but in the future spot, this card more speaks to me as knowing when to say no- having standards; maybe her choosing not to go party and instead stay home)

- Querant inner self- Empress
(I always read this position as negative feelings; but with so many negative cards, maybe she is putting herself too high up? Expecting too much?

- Friends/Family- 5 Swords
(Conflict, defeat, selfish actions; could mean an affair.... )

- Querant Hopes/Dreams- TOWER
(Last reading- it was in her Inner Self spot,,, now its in her hopes/dreams... I really don't know what to take of this except her feelings will be crushed? She'll feel differently about something?)

- Final outcome- MOON
(Not feeling too great about this one either- confusion, manipulation? Especially as an outcome)

To be honest- when I read the cards as a whole and tried to get the whole picture- I kind of see a big choice for her to stay with current bf or leave and be single (Lovers); she may get a surprise of a 3rd person- maybe a new guy or ex that comes into her life (3 Pent); She has the foundations with him, and she'll be tested to see if she does what is right. I know the 3 Swords can indicate karmic damage- like she needs to remain faithful if she expects him to... This reading could also go the other way where he is cheating (from jail though?) or did cheat on her before he went- and it's about to come to surface. But then I would expect the Tower in the Friends/Family position or Future... not her feelings.

Any insights? Help me look at the cards as a whole story.

Re: Tower as hopes/dreams? 2nd time Tower popped up...

PostPosted: 24 Jul 2015, 14:30
by seedling
Have you ever used Jan's description of the cards?
She has 2 pages per card. Both insightful, the second is more practical: how to work with..

I love different wordings to the same card, gives it more depth for me ^_^

Re: Tower as hopes/dreams? 2nd time Tower popped up...

PostPosted: 24 Jul 2015, 14:35
by Aoibhegreine
To me this is not a good spread at all. There are some unpleasant undercurrents that need to be resolved. For me personally the Tower represents an epiphany, the moment of clarity when we break free of the bonds we have created for ourselves. Here is my interpretation:

The Lovers is a card of choice. To me this is more about her and her future not that of a third party. In essence she is that other relationship you see. I think the Lovers is asking her to truly look at her life and see it terms of what's truly there and not how she wishes to see it or make excuses. The BF is in prison, why is he there and is this a warning of a future pattern? More importantly is this something she wants in her life? The 3 of pents is the student card, the hardworking apprentice and I get the feeling that her choice is not going to be an easy one regardless of which way she chooses. Whatever future she wants will need to be worked at. That moon speaks of deception and that tower speaks of shattered hopes, what she hoped for is now gone and with 2 5's, the 4 of cups and a 3 of swords things are not going to be easy. They are going to get worse before they get better.

I wish her luck and remind her to trust her gut.

Re: Tower as hopes/dreams? 2nd time Tower popped up...

PostPosted: 24 Jul 2015, 14:37
by Aoibhegreine
As for learning to read the cards there is only one way, practice. Read for others, read books, learn meanings, get to feel the cards, etc. Slowly but surely you'll build a connection and be able to read with ease.

Re: Tower as hopes/dreams? 2nd time Tower popped up...

PostPosted: 24 Jul 2015, 15:10
by airbabygurl
Thank you for your interpretation; from my understanding, the BF committed a simple possession (marijuana) crime in 2013 which he was on parole for. He violated and is now having to redo some of his time. I see the Moon as deception as well; which is odd to me because we recently did a relationship reading for the 2 of them and got wonderful cards (I think I posted it here but his feelings were Ace Cups, outcome was Chariot). I saw nothing but good for them; this reading was supposed to clear up confusion and only made the confusion worse :(

I told her to keep her guard up and watch out for thinks around her. Trust her instincts and gut (as you stated). I do see the "feelings being crushed" by that tower or Hopes being crushed... hopefully it's not too much of a destruction :(

Thanks for your insights! and Yes, Jan's tarot card explanations really helped!

Re: Tower as hopes/dreams? 2nd time Tower popped up...

PostPosted: 31 Jul 2017, 06:42
by Cosmatix1
I think this is the story I've been searching for a long time.

Re: Tower as hopes/dreams? 2nd time Tower popped up...

PostPosted: 31 Jul 2017, 15:38
by Jan
I'm seriously late to the party here....but one particular keyphrase I find really handy when dealing with the tower is "break-through or breakdown" to mean change is coming whether we like it or not - so we have two options.....embrace that change with all we have got, and leap headlong (like the Fool) or go for white-knuckled hanging on for dear life to what is already there, and still get catapulted into a different future we had not counted on, and were not prepared for by forces beyond our control.

No idea whether that is a helpful thing to store in the back of your mind!

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