New long-term reading for friend

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New long-term reading for friend

Postby airbabygurl » 21 Jul 2015, 12:52

I did a long-term relationship reading for a friend (who is also a reader so the discussions got interesting!):

1- What does partner want long-term? Ace cups
- obviously I took this as he wants a profound love, a deep, satisfying love that completes him.

2- What does friend want long-term? King Pentacles
- Well wouldn't we all want the King of P lol Grounded, stability, financial resources, honorable,

3- Will partner be happy long term? 4 Wands
- I took this as a definite YES- although not a cups card, 4 wands indicates happiness and togetherness; 4 brings harmony, peace, family, weddings, discipline and solid foundation

4- Will friend be happy long term? King Pentacles
- Well then. Hello again! I would assume that since this is also what she 'wants' and is now showing up in the 'will she be happy',,, it is safe to say she gets what she wants!

5- Level of commitment/faithfulness by partner? 10 Cups
- I would say that this card speaks of family, love, secure and confident HOME. I would say that this shows a faithful/committed man. I'm open to extra insights though,

6- Chances of long term success? Chariot
- slow, steady, progress? VICTORY! I would say chances of success are pretty high,,,

Open to some additional insights,
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