Celtic Cross

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Re: Celtic Cross

Postby samantha » 29 Sep 2015, 23:03

Hi, i thought your interpretation seemed spot on.. here's a few things i thought as i was reading it too.... i assumed it related to your blog but not sure as you don't say xx

card 2. falling in love with the process

card 3. beyond 'common' sense a higher intuitive perspective

card 4. you have 'birthed' your creation, your blog. you were fertile with ideas, ripe with action and assisted in bringing it into the world

card 5. sorrow as your baby is released to the world you no longer harbour it safely protected from the bright lights of the world. it now belongs to the daylight and you wait it's outcome.. remember to use your positive intent and direct your focus to that which is still standing, letting go of that which was not as you expected.

card 6. building on the previous cards, bringing up your 'child' in the world diligently nurturing it, respecting it and giving it space to grow. not wild nor brash. slow and steady wins the race

card 8. gifts in the waiting. blessings manifest. new levels of being and understanding

card 9. choosing new perspectives as they open themselves up to your vision. releasing from fear of change

card 10. grieving for the part that is now 'done', your direction has been met now you are onto the next step grieving what has passed and feeling daunted at what is to come. the swords held everything in place and now they have been removed the pressure changes and one must adjust. One is better off but must take time to settle into new processes and realise where they are at and what lies ahead. you are not bleeding a slow death :) but slowly healing old wounds
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