Near future forecast- Interesting reading

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Near future forecast- Interesting reading

Postby airbabygurl » 09 Apr 2015, 13:25

Hello all,

I have been reading posts all night and am thrilled to be a part of this online community! I want to learn so much more about tarot and understanding my spirit guides; I very much appreciate all that take the time out to read my post!

I cleared my mind and focused on the up-coming future; Not a specific relationship or question, just what the cards wanted to tell me. Here is what I got:

Present situation: Temperance
Obstacles: King Pentacles
Past Foundations: 10 Cups, Ace Swords
Goals/Destiny: 7 Cups
Future: 8 Pentacles
Current feelings: 9 Pentacles
Friends/Family: Magician
Hopes/Fears: Queen Pentacles
Final Outcome: 6 Wands

First and foremost I was thrilled to see 6 Wands in final outcome! I need some good news, accomplishment and happiness!! My most recent breakup was a tough one. I recently just found out some truth about my most recent breakup (he's seeing someone else, although he told me he was scared of commitment) and I also have another ex who wants to come back into my life. I am considering new career options as well and working on my Masters.

My interpretation of the reading: Anytime the King and Queen of pentacles come together in a reading, I was always told this , was a "great soulmate" match and I should look around at signs pointing me towards my soulmate (could be a friend or new person). Temperance in that position- New life, learning control and coming to terms with the balance. The 7 cups in the future (or goals/destiny) can sometimes show that the illusions are so tempting that it will help you build character as you try to reach those high dreams. Although the 9 pentacles is a positive card, it always comes across as isolation to me (which is how I feel sometimes) so I think that represents my isolation within my own comfortable life. The magician can be confusing, but makes me think about a great realization/ before and after moment in life (learning the truth about my ex). The 8 Pentacles in the future, can sometimes mean "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it" (read that somewhere but my Aunt always told me the same thing, 8 pentacles in future doesn't have to mean a new career, it means hardwork ahead on your way to achieving your wish or goal), and 6 Wands stands for glorious accomplishment in the future so I'm hopeful with this reading!

I'm still so new to all this and would really love some additional feedback and/or new perspectives.

Thanks all! Have a blessed day!
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Re: Near future forecast- Interesting reading

Postby Aoibhegreine » 09 Apr 2015, 15:00

The one thing I will say is this, never totally believe what others have told you the cards mean, they can mean different things to different people. EG, the 6 of wands doesn't mean victory for me, I've yet to determine it's meaning but it's just accorded to me that he means victory is yours to obtain if you work hard enough. After the joy that's just entered my life, looking back shows me that every time he came up in a reading it was at a a time of upheaval or doubt but I kept going and now victory is mine. Let the cards impart their own meaning to you.

Now for your reading:

Your life is in a bit of an upheaval at the moment with the exit of the boyfriend and the rest of the things you're juggling. Temperance is you balancing it all out, trying to make it work. Now court cards and I part company for now as I've yet to figure out there meaning. So far for me they've never represented a person so I've never quite figured out their game. Past foundations is a good start with the 10 of cups indicating a positive closure and the ace of swords the beginning of something new and even you considering all your options. The ace speaks of using the mind wisely to forge a path ahead. The 7 of cups is about choices and multiple choice. There are many options you can take right now to forge your path and you must use that ace to consider each one carefully before proceeding. There is never anything wrong with due diligence or caution when creating a new future. As the tower keeps reminding me, it's always best to build the foundation of beauty with care and clarity as this will be the foundation upon which the rest of your life will rest so make it a good one.
The 8 of pents is the master card and I think this refers to your masters degree somehow since it's in the future position and the 9 of pents is not so much a card of isolation but a card of being happy with who you are and what you have achieved. There is a vast difference to being alone and being lonely. I like being on my own to get things done but I don't suffer with loneliness as I'm surrounded by family and friends. The 9 of pents can also represent a lady of leisure or rather a lady who has the means (either monetary or time) to do as she pleases. She has seen much, done much and now has the chance to enjoy what she has. Enjoy this time now and let this joy help you build the future you want. The magician with regards to family and friends says to control your own life, don't let your family interfere too much and don't let them control the outcome. You know what you want, even if they can't see it, so go after your dream. Again, I've just done this and for a moment my folks thought I was mental to simply walk off that cliff with no parachute. They couldn't see what I saw and they couldn't feel what I felt. Every part of me knew, KNEW, that it was right so I kept to it and listened when they voiced their concerns but then I politely reminded them it's my life and I see something you can't. Now, with all that's happened they finally understand I wasn't nuts I really was seeing something different. That 6 of wands tells me that victory can be yours but it will take much patience, much hard work and much patience to achieve so do not rush, enjoy the process and make it the best future you can.

Hope that helps and the every best of luck.
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Re: Near future forecast- Interesting reading

Postby Seraphina » 12 Apr 2015, 12:37

I have been looking at your reading over the last few days and would like to add my interpretation to the mix, I find the cards you've pulled to be most interesting considering the upset you have recently experienced with your ex..

You say you was focusing on your up and coming future, so here is how I read your cards..

The deck I used was one of my favourites The Infinite Visions Tarot self published by Gloria Jean.

Present Situation.. Temperance
As well as being about moderation, balance and patience (which are all important in your present situation) Temperance also involves healing, not physical healing but healing of the mind and at the moment your thoughts and emotions are all over the place, it is difficult to temper these emotions and bring them under control and balance out your mind, Temperance teaches us to try and remove negative situations and try and replace them by thinking about things that give you joy and eventually peace, this is not easy for you at the moment because the obstacle you have to overcome is The King of Pentacles.. In this instance I see this king as an aspect of you, you are usually stable and grounded and normally confident but what happened as brought out the shadow side of this king, you are allowing yourself to be filled with self doubt and you are unable at present to move forward confidently..
Past foundations.. 10 Cups.. Ace Swords..
The 10 of Cups shows how happy and contented you were in your relationship, for you it was all good, but as the Ace of Swords follows and indicates quite strongly, the truth was revealed in all its logic and clarity and quite harshly your ex eventually did not feel the same.

Goals/destiny.. 7 Cups
The card of daydreams, illusions and choices..sooo many choices! Maybe you are hoping to get back with your ex? Perhaps you want to rekindle your romance with him again, but in this position of goals and destiny I would think the card is saying to achieve a better future choose one positive thing you have in your life right now and focus on that, your head is still spinning and you cannot decide what to do, we create our own goals, our own destiny..

Future 8 pentacles..I see this as you getting stuck in to further study and achieving a good working career, this is a good sign for you right now..but taking heed of the 7 Cups preceding this card and with hard work and determination to can create a successful working life..

Current Feelings.. 9 Pentacles..
Now this card is about material wealth for a prosperous single lady as often depicted in most cards.. But it is about YOUR current feelings, so I see it as you feel alone and possibly rejected, you have material things, nice things, nice friends etc, etc, but in your present state of mind they mean nothing, you are unhappy and alone with your hurt feelings..

Friends/Family.. Magician..
You have lots of well meaning people trying to give good advice, they mean well and they all think they are right and have all the solutions, talk is cheap no matter how well it's spoken, listen to them but only you can make yourself better, your own self determination and willpower is all that matters..

Hopes/Fears.. Queen of Pentacles..
At the moment your hopes and fears are bound together as one, you don't feel you will get over this, that's natural, it's still early and raw..draw on the nurturing and loving nature of this Queen, be kind to yourself, you naturally have an affinity for helping other people, so use that talent now, enjoy the physical world, do not shut yourself away, you will in the future have a stable and nurturing relationship

Final outcome.. 6 Wands
If you remove the obstacle and follow the preceding cards, you will reach this destination, it is a good card to have in this position, you will achieve success, your up and coming future looks good to me..

Hope some of this may resonate with you.. Good Luck

Seraphina :)
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Re: Near future forecast- Interesting reading

Postby airbabygurl » 15 Apr 2015, 14:13

Thank you both for commenting; I very much appreciate your thoughts and looking back at the reading and you all's responses, it makes so much more sense. I think you are both correct, and I have a new reading :) Thank you again and Seraphina, that was a lovely interpretation and I see everything you said happening.
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