fire, fours, blokes, wot help?

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fire, fours, blokes, wot help?

Postby MandMaud » 17 Apr 2013, 22:14

Just shifted this from Tarot & Mystical which was the wrong place for it :blush: It began: HI EVERYONE!

- divorce within weeks of being over, though I've been saying "within weeks" for some months now...
- Nearly-ex moved out about about 6 weeks ago with nearly-20-year-old son who is homesick
- I am not fit/well enough to cope on my own (with just-13-year-old son), but bouncing from flare-up to flare-up quite happily on a high from managing anything close to coping!
- My physical health is better for the absence of nearly-ex, as expectede(!) plus increase in decent diet
- Nearly-ex announced a girlfriend at the New Year, though 13yo and I suspect it started last summer (after the divorce began) OR even earllier.
- Nearly-ex is letting 13yo down over nearly everything and 13yo has regular rants about how childish and unreliable Dad is. :( Breaks my heart though at the same time it is gratifying ;)
- We still don't know if we shall have to move from this house but it is almost certain I shall have to lose what my mother left me.
- And my assistant (via Disability) left suddenly in October AND i lost the funding that paid her so am without any help, even someone to hoover. (13yo is good for putting pizza in the oven though!)

Anyway. The very biggest practical problem is transport. I'm not driving and the local volunteer driver service is not very reliable, and only does medical appointments anyway. This year I happen to have half a dozen weekend trips booked, which is unheard-of, and the logistics is really daunting. Friends are distant, petrol costs a lot, and I haven't managed to stay in touch since being ill (7 years). The neighbours here are lovely but I only half-know most of them. I'm dreadful by nature at asking for help - it's a major part of my current learning curve. So you see the challenge!

I did a spread that I've been using recently, the Support Spread, which I have got great results with usually. Four cards in a square: the columns are "in general" and "specifically" and the rows are "support from without" and "support from within". Like this:


This time "general" was the whole problem of transport, and "specific" was getting to my mother's grave. (It's 2 hours' drive away and I've only managed to visit a handful of times and she died nearly two years ago. It really bothers me a lot and I just can't see how to make it happen.)

I expected the inner support to be about faith, strength, stick-at-it, or using my brain, something like that, maybe 7 or 8 of Wands; and the outward support to be friends either local or further away or... heaven knows actually, I had no realistic maybes for support from outside myself. Three of Cups would have been nice or even the Hierophant or 6 of Pentacls.

The cards were:
1. outside support regarding transport, in general - King of Wands
2. outside support regarding visiting my mum - the Emperor
3. support I have within, regarding the transport question - 4 of Wands
4. support I have within, regarding visiting my mum - the Empress

Emperor - King W
Empress - 4W

Kind of wow. All those symmetries.

No air at all - cleverness not the point, I gather!
and no water, no muddling-through or dreaming a solution...?

The card on the base of the pack was the 9 of Wands, sums it up really. I did feel strong, but this particular problem confounds me.AND matters.

Adding up the cards' sum to see what the reading's all about, 25 = VII the Chariot. Yep, it's all about going places! lol

My first response was to recoil from the maleness of all the outside support. I'm used to reading that King and to a less extent the Emperor as my nearly-ex. The Emp has more recently been my personal power - taking hold of it - but his position isn't about inner support. Besides, the thought that all my support from outside should be from men, aagh, that rankles! Men, or *a* man... :( and anyway I don't know any men!

There is a friend in the village who is also quite a "power" locally and has helped me out before as he's Chair of various local charities. I bumped into him today and then wondered if he's the King. Not sure it rings true though. And that still leaves the Emperor.

I have NO idea what to make of the 4W unless it's something about nesting, establishing my own base, somehow getting my life organised. (Can't be a marriage!!)

And I have less idea about the Empress. She does make a pair with the Emperor of course. Still I can't see her connection. Unless she's just my mother - keeping her in mind will somehow contribute to getting this to work...? But that's my head thinking, not my intuition.

The King of Wands in this deck (Tarot Nova) is grandly riding a elephant. He heads off to the right and the Emperor to the left, that is, they're parting from each other in this layout.

Overall, almost all Wands/fire, lots of 4s, both outside-help cards are ones I feel kind of threatened by. Makes little sense to me.

So basically I'm STUCK with this reading. And this spread has worked so well for me so far. First time it's been obscure. Any ideas please? I've left it out and pondered it all day, got no further. And this issue is one that matters...

THANK YOU. This is long again as I always do, sorry.

"I am sorry to have wearied you with so long a letter but I did not have time to write you a short one" — Blaise Pascal
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Re: fire, fours, blokes, wot help?

Postby Aquarian » 20 Apr 2013, 19:56

Just a quick summary reply.
glad to hear that things are on the 'up' for you after some considerable change .

4- I read are associated with the mental. ie our thinking. are you stressed out with worries. :shock:

against then

the wands - which are sometimes seen as a spiritual card.

now after all these changes you have a chance to be free and grow spiritually. :yahoo:
however you will have to learn to let go of mental worries.

do that make sense of those patterns you found in the reading> :confused:
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Re: fire, fours, blokes, wot help?

Postby MandMaud » 20 Apr 2013, 21:08

Thank you Aquarian!

Yes, I have been carrying worries - far more than I usually allow them to unbalance me. When I get the fine balance right with enough rest, good diet etc and enough outdoor time, they don't get to me. But I've been struggling against despair... this is very unlike me. I'm usually good at staying hopeful despite all common sense! (Diet in particular I find makes a huge difference to mood.)]

This has in fact been getting worse since I drew those cards a few days ago.

I'm intriigued how you got that from the fours. I wouldn't have associated 4 with the mind - as if you connect the number with the air element? Can you tell me how they relate?

Aquarian wrote:now after all these changes you have a chance to be free and grow spiritually. :yahoo:
That is very true!
This is still a "limbo" phase but through the overwhelm/exhaustion I do know it is the first panicky kicks of the new baby swimming in open Ocean.

Still doesn't explain where I should be looking for the King support, or the Emperor support, beyond myself. :blink:

(Specifically with the questino of getting places, this evening I have found out that despite declaring nothing will stop me, I can't get to the funeral of a good friend who just died of cancer. Not because of transport but because it's on a day I am somewhere else that can't be cancelled. :( So disappointed - adn there's that old feeling that even when one obstacle is removed another stops me. And that's the despair speaking, which I *never* listen to.)
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