What will happen if?

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Re: What will happen if?

Postby Aoibhegreine » 12 Apr 2013, 18:01

Zoly wrote:I want to resolve whatever it is we need to resolve so I don't have to face it again! Gosh, I can already picture me coming back in another lifetime and having to face my ex. NOOOOOooopooo! So, with my knowledge, can we work out whatever it is we need to work out now, as opposed to later? I am taken back by him, from the beginning. But then I noticed things that just screamed, "it's a lesson! Learn from it!" I'm having a hard time learning. The past two weeks my energy has been at a real low because of all of this. Do I just run away (like I've been wanting to do) and let this one simmer for another time? Do I just go along for the ride-- it has been fun. He came at a time when I was open and receptive to being in a relationship, but then I noticed that he was holding back. I just want all in! I want to do things right.


Go with your gut and walk away. If it's meant to be he'll follow, if not you'll know it isn't for you. Maybe your lesson is knowing when to call it quits?
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Re: What will happen if?

Postby Jan » 12 Apr 2013, 18:35

Wounded healer versus Great Teacher...not the greatest combo in the world.

Does he share your spiritual ideals? Cos if he doesn't, you're going to have a tough time actively involving him in your lesson here. I believe the greatest sin against our spirits is to fail to live the life we have as fully as we are able. And I am not willing to waste too much of this life trying to fix soething that went wrong tens or hundreds of years ago. But then I don't see Karma as quite so closely linked as some people do. I feel as though if I have a lesson to learn life will find plenty of ways to teach me, and none of those necessarily have to be about re-enacting a situation that was useless last time....

It's maybe worth being frank? You could end up dancing around this one for weeks. Or months.

Loadsa love
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Re: What will happen if?

Postby Zoly » 12 Apr 2013, 19:27

Thank you, All, for the words.

He does not share my spiritual ideals, but he is very open and receptive to them. Whenever I bring something up, he wants to know more, asks why, etc; he's very curious. He's a scientist with a scientific mind, but when he found all my Witchy books, he just smiled and said he's never dated a Witch before.

I will consider both your words carefully. Thank you!

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