trying to create a new spread

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trying to create a new spread

Postby Audrianna » 09 Mar 2013, 06:21

hi. so i have had my cards for a couple of years now and it had the Celtic cross spread with it when i bought it so that is what i have been practicing with. well i have been a little board with that spread and have been wanting to create my own unique spread to maybe have a closer bound with my deck. well i have been thinking about it for some time and this is what i came up with. i have two ways that i could do it the first way takes 12 cards. there are 4 categories love, family, friends and business. in each category there will be 3 card positions future influences, present position and recent past influences. so it would look like there are 3 rows and 4 cards in each row. the top row is for the future influences, the 2nd row is the current position and the 3rd row is for the recent past influences. as i draw the cards i flip them from left to right and i start at the top left placing them all along the top row 1st then moving to the 2nd from left to right and then the 3rd row from left to right. the 2nd spread i was thinking of doing everything the same with as the 1st spread except after laying all the cards down adding 1 more category called life. im just struggling on if i want 1 or 3 cards for this one. but what i want it to represent is pretty much the conclusion or how things in all will turn out. also i practiced with the 1st spread i created a night ago and when i woke up in the morning there was a knight of swords by my head. i must add a friend of mine had lost some of his cards from his deck at my house and they kind of float around my room so i was not surprised to see it when i woke up. later on that day i was on my facebook and there is an app for your daily tarot card and it turned up to be the knight of swords. so i paid closer attention to it. my other question is do you think i did something wrong and i am getting a warning of some kind for doing a new spread?
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Re: trying to create a new spread

Postby Aoibhegreine » 09 Mar 2013, 13:21

The spread is merely a way to gain greater understanding of the cards and there are thousands of forms. If you keep seeing the knight of swords then it's a warning to look out for this person, become this person, etc. It's not related to the spread. I, personally, find spreads annoying. I never find one I want, and if I do then I find it changes the cards meaning to what I want and not what the cards want to say. I also find it limiting, so I simply ask the cards, choose the ones that answer (I go through the pack face down and pick out the ones that I'm drawn to) and then interpret the cards as they speak. I have made up spreads myself but like I said, they annoy me. Do a google search and you will find plenty of spreads around. You just have to feel that the spread enhances the answer you want. In a way it's making the identification of the exact answer easier.

Good luck
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Re: trying to create a new spread

Postby Maria » 11 Mar 2013, 13:57


er do you mind if i'm devils advocate here.

why do your own spreads?

established spreads work. yes always take note of cards that pop up or fall out when shuffling. knight of swords, from your deck on your pillow?

so when you last read it wasn't in the deck? somebody that is influencing you strongly. small spread on the knight of swords might help, but use an elipse or celtic.

nothing wrong in just shuffling with an idea in your head but if you start doing that for something that you already are not seeing clearly.........

hope this helps and you don't feel that its a splat factor
love maria
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