How to Meet The RIGHT One – Tarot Spread

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How to Meet The RIGHT One – Tarot Spread

Postby Divine_Beauty » 06 Jul 2017, 02:11

Hello and good evening. :-))

I need clarification on a reading I did. I need help with understanding The High Priestess, 9 of Cups and the King of Pentacles. I will post my reading down below.

Am I ready to meet the right one - Queen of Cups
Yes, I'm ready to meet the right one.

Where are we most likely to meet – The High Priestess
Not sure about this one? Any help?

What will be the nature of our initial connection – Two of Cups
We connect on having a instant strong connection on a emotional simpatico, spiritual, physical and intellectual levels as well.

What do I need to do more of to meet the right one – The Wheel of Fortune
Take the experiences from the past to kind of guide me, but don't let them keep me in a box. Work from ground zero with a fresh new approach, an open heart and an open mind.

What do I need to do less of if I wish to meet the right one – 9 of Cups
I'm not quite sure about this one too. Any help will be great!!

Show me something about them that will make them more recognizable when we first meet - 6 of Pentacles (The Hermit fell out) They might be analytical and insightful? Might be fit physically and might even be an earth sign?

Show me my first challenge while this new relationship is in the early stages – King of Pentacles
I'm lost on this one. Any help with this one also will be great!!

Thank you, and kindly appreciated!! xo
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Re: How to Meet The RIGHT One – Tarot Spread

Postby Jan » 07 Jul 2017, 12:11

That's an interesting reading isn't it? Largely I think i agree with those interpretations you feel sure about...and here's my sixpenneth on the ones you are a little less certain of:

There quite an emphasis throughout here on using your own inner senses and feelings, don't you think? The Priestess, the Hermit...even that 9 of Cups are quite strongly connected to how we feel, how we think, how we envisage our own I think I'd go with a sense of inner urging to explain the Priestess...a calling almost to go somewhere or do something which will bring you into contact with this person. That suggests it might not be in the sort of place you'd necessarily expect to meet a potential partner doesn't it? Rather somewhere where you are interested in what is going on...if that makes any sense.

That 9 is often known as the Wish Card......I had to chuckle about the idea that if that's its relevant bit it's telling you not to do so much wishing for a well-matched partner ;-) But then on the other hand that does kind of go in with the idea of following your own interests, and finding them there doesn't it?

And with that king.....quite a lot could come into play there...I'd guess that represents the person you will meet. It might be they do not immediately jump to mind as a potential partner I suppose. That King is very often under-estimated or even passed over as a character - but he's one with fascinating hidden depths. And again you did wonder if this might be a Disk/Pentacle person didn't you?

Hope that helps a bit.

Loadsa love
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