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PostPosted: 08 Jun 2016, 06:39
by m.standridge
Hillary just won, and so my next goal is to help my dear mom, while she still lives, to do what she has told me all my life she would do. She never registered or voted, but said that, if they ever run a woman, she would vote for her.
So, now, is her chance. If I can keep her alive, I will do all I can to make that happen for her.
She has come through quite a few crises in recent weeks, and I have to stay close by and hold a precious hand and can continue to hear a precious voice a few more days. But If I can...I will make it happen,

Bless all your dear hearts up here for staying my friends through all of this. I know many have been through this already, and my thanks to you all for the loving energies you've shared up here over the years.

Best in all,

Re: History

PostPosted: 19 Sep 2017, 11:18
by m.standridge
Hello dear angel friends,
I have awakened from just one more nightmare, one more recalled tiny, horrified face...a little one, suffering from trauma, fear, pain, hurt...inflicted by my nation...It has been so long since I've posted here, but I am feeling those same intense pressures, such as I did before Katrina and other horrific and traumatic events, including war in the middle east.

I am still seeing Ms. Jan's posts on FB about the tarot deck cards. With my mom's continued battles with health issues, I've had to stay occupied primarily with helping her and my efforts have succeeded to some extent. Being able to see each other every day, has had a certain positive effect on both our lives, apparently. Meanwhile, she has continued to lose dear friends, and I am lonely for those I've also lost. One group of friends, has been my friends here. I have to drop in once in awhile, and read, but haven't dropped a line...

I am sad to say, my efforts to make my little mom's vote count for something, came to naught. Trump defeated Hillary and my mom, like me, has had to face this one hope possibly being taken away.

I believe a case is building that Mr. Trump may not have legitimately achieved his narrow victory. Much diligence is being exercised by the Independent Counsel, Mr. Robert Mueller, in the matter of whether Mr. Putin's White Russia oligarchy assisted Trump in rigging the election via an electronic hack in various guises.

In the meantime, as they used to say, "in the meantime, in between time, ain't we got fun".

My nation's forces are involved in activities that are increasingly creating a whole new generation of war and disruption in the mid-east.

This has been true since 2000, when the Supreme Court intervened to ensure Big Oil got its safest candidate into power. Even before that, in 1980, big oil had intervened to remove Carter from the Presidency, through various probably illegal means. In both cases, major, bloody wars in the middle east, ensued.
Now, Hillary--already far too much the war hawk--has been defeated in the Electoral College, though not the Popular vote. One reason may have been the loss, by the Democrats, of support from former Iraqi refugees, who saw Obama gradually become too much the war hawk, too.
in his one area of major failure, foreign policy in the middle east, he set off the ISIS situation by alienating a huge sector of the Iraqi populace, those in the Iraqi military who saw their role to be that of ensuring that shi'ia Muslims didn't come to dominated Iraq as they do in Iran--in fact, seeing an increase in Shi'ia influence in their nation, as hegemony by Iran, in the wake of the long and bloody Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s, which made a mint for our military-industrial complex and big oil, but did nothing to improve lives in the middle east.

I hope you all can forgive me for an neglect and I mean no offense by being away for so long. But so much has happened, in so many areas of my life and in my nation's life, that I have just been preoccupied.

New twists and turns continue to occur in the Trump-Russia collusion claim or theory, conspiracy theory--call it what you will. Big Oil continues to influence the media, and it's hard to get at the truth. But middle east war, and the appearance of a divided America brought on by yet another divided election, has brought on new challenges by terrorists, just as it did in 2000.

A State is not the same thing as a Province, a District, or even one of our own Territories. A State must pay its own way, write its own budget, and any help from the federal is usually in the form of "federal matching funds" in which the federal government matches the money the state puts toward the costs of a given program or project.

It is this matter--the matter of how to pay for this or that--that has led the smaller States to become jealous of the larger ones, for fear they will get short shrift. This is usually what is going on, when there is a divided election in which one candidate wins the Popular vote (usually consisting of large, heavily populated States) and one wins the Electoral vote (usually composed of smaller, more lightly populated states).

Each state gets a minimum of two Electoral votes, regardless of how lightly populated. The idea, was to avoid the Greek model of the City-state, in which large and heavily populated cities and surrounding areas, dominated politics.

Of course, we need to remedy our system.
And I am one who has advocated for doing that, but one thing many have to be informed about, is how difficult it is going to be--and has been--to get that change made. Small states are afraid to do away with the Electoral College, and seven efforts to abolish it altogether, have gone down to defeat for that reason.
So some of us, this time, are trying to learn from history and try for something besides total abolition of the Electoral College, in favor of modifying how we interpret the Electoral and Popular vote tallies when they are divided. One proposal, which has several forms, advocates for a co-presidency, in which each, not-quite-winner is given a role. Titles such as "Executive Vice President" and "President Populis" are employed and toyed with in the models being examined.

What I am counseling my fellow disgruntled democrats (small d) who fear what's to come and want to change it in the future, is to not make the same mistake of trying to get the Electoral College abolished, given the seven failed efforts so far. I've advocated the co-presidency idea, setting aside parties and having both serve, one as President Populis (with somewhat limited powers in some ways) and one as Executive Vice-President (a Veep with extra powers such as more votes in the Senate, beyond just the Tie vote, including voting on the issue of filibuster and also having the role of naming an alternate Supreme Court Justice in event the President's nominee fails of approval by Congress.

But in the meantime, ain't we got fun. War is escalating in Afghanistan and the United States is now backing a largely Saudi-backed faction in Yemen which has produced another set of small scale we are also facing a Chinese client state engaging in threats of nuclear destruction against us. With a divided appearing US population, an outside observer might very well see themselves able to cause an uprising here!

Anyway, God/dess bless you all.

Best in all,