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Re: Syria

Postby m.standridge » 25 Jun 2014, 12:33

Jan, on your point...about Iraq's president threatening the Allies with Iran coming in...I didn't mean to ignore this, I was just trying to think it all out. One thing we've learned from the non-intervention in Syria before--the refusal to air drop weaponry, etc., which could have fallen into the hands of these very ISIS people, and which was pointed out at the time--is that cooling the heels CAN sometimes be a valid military option, as well as a diplomatic one.

So...I'm not enthusiastic about the idea of too many "allies" here--too many cooks spoil the broth--including controversial ones like Iran--and at the same time, can't say there isn't a lurking threat of genocide, still popping up around the world. Shi'ia Muslims are vulnerable, and Iran is the only official Shiia Moslem state in the world.

Of course, the same argument could be made for Tibet--right? The only official Buddhist state in the world. The latter continues to the very least, dismantled by Communist China. Yet the corporate world continues to pressure Western governments not to be supportive of Tibet at the economic level. (Sadly, I do have to confess there are few military options on Tibet.)

There is constant turmoil in much of Africa, and there are frequent bouts there of attempted genocide that largely go unnoticed in the West, at least in the media.

Anyway, Iran can provide some support for the protection of Shi'ia Moslems. Like the United States, it is a separate nation and so must show proper respect for the actual wishes of the people of Iraq and Syria. Of course, we in the West need to refrain from drawing any more lines...

Best in all,
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Best in all,
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