Card of the Day - Tuesday - 9 of Cups

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Card of the Day - Tuesday - 9 of Cups

Postby Jan » 25 Jul 2017, 16:44

Ah...I do love the days when this card rules. It gives us all permission to daydream our perfect future, painting it all the vivid colours and details we wish were permanent features, before we throw it out to the Universe in hope and trust....

In Qabballa Yesod is known as the Treasure House of Images, and it contains the template from which our reality is woven. When we bring our desires into perfect focus, imagining precisely how we will feel when our dreams are realised we build up a powerful energy made of longing and soul music. And when we let that go how can this life of ours do anything other than simply bring it all back to us nine-fold?

Of course - as ever - this card can be a double-edged sword.....because if our fears are what we paint, then it will be our fears that come home to roost. That's what we REALLY mean when we refer to "a run of bad luck". It's nothing is the inevitable consequence of giving our most powerful tool its head...and then letting it go in the wrong direction. But it is a hard cycle to break out of once we are captured - it requires great self-discipline and constant monitoring to try to undo each and every negative thought before it gains purchase in our minds.

;-) Mental gymnastics if you will.

Loadsa love
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